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Top Offensive Playbooks – Madden NFL 18

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How to defend in Madden NFL 18 has been plagued by the majority of players, and whether it is the game or the reality, defense is always the most important part. I believe a lot of players who have just come into contact with the game will often be unable to prevent their opponent, Be cast a variety of fireballs in the face, or be swayed to the ground to only watch others shooting. like the real football, NFL 18 defensive ideas and skills is definitely a science which you need to complete a lot of thinking in the game. many gamers must choose formation and plays carefully if they want to win the game. today, the best offensive and defensive script is given to improve your game, You can choose a style that works for you and create a perfect effect.

Madden 18

Best Offensive Playbook
If you want to improve your Offensive game in MUT then here are the must try playbooks that will suit your players. The playstyle has an important role, so it will take the time to pull a big offensive strategy. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Best Offensive Playbook you need to have.

New England Patriots
Styles: Short Pass, Long Pass
Key Run Set: Singleback Tight Slots
Key Pass Set: Gun Split Close Pats

Philadelphia Eagles
Styles: Speed Run, Short Pass
Key Run Set: Gun Ace, Twins Offset
Key Pass Set: Gun Flip Trip Eaglet

Miami Dolphins
Styles: Speed Run, Short Pass
Key Run Set: Singleback Wing Trips Open
Key Pass Set: Gun Bunch Open Offset

New York Giants
Styles: Long Pass, Speed Run
Key Run Set: Singleback Ace
Key Pass Set: Gun Trio Offset

Seattle Seahawks
Styles: Ground and Pound, Short Pass
Key Run Set: Gun Doubles Wing Offset
Key Pass Set: Gun Wing Offset WK

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NBA Live Mobile Shows Great Interest In Rookie Season

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NBA Live Mobile games is a basketball game based on real NBA themes. it was researched and developed by the world’s leading company EA. in the game, Players will be able to manipulate any player in their own team, The competition between the team is no longer a numerical comparison, but by restraining and operating components to determine the outcome of the game. Of course, the game has already acquired the NBA 30 team’s copyright, so players can pick their favorite star to build the team, Which can be described as quite happy thing for many basketball fans. and the player’s performance in the game decide whether their value will be updated or not, So the simulation value will be more realistic as well. it has created a huge community because of its unique features. now, gamers are looking forward to seeing what shall happen in Rookie Season.

NBA Live Mobile

The game starts out with a tutorial that goes over the basics of playing fairly effectively. The controls include an on-screen virtual stick for movement and three “buttons” that have different functions when on offense and defense. There are no optional control schemes. The only thing that can be changed is reversing which side has the stick and which the buttons.

NBA Live Mobile features three primary modes of play. The first is a “Season” which consists of 14 games against A.I.-controlled teams. Win enough of them and make the three-game “Playoffs” and getting through those leads to the one-game Finals. Taking home the championship will bring lots of rewards with it, and then the season starts over against marginally better competition.

There are also Live Events. These are more along the lines of mini-games or brief stretches of gameplay that have an objective to achieve. The completion of them earns more coins and/or rewards in the form of cards, trophies, and collectibles. New Live Events are added daily.

Then there are Head-to-Head games. These are turn-based, with the user that initiates the game playing the first and third quarters against the other team’s AI controlled players, and the other playing the second and fourth quarters. There are “fans” earned through the games which contribute to leaderboard progression, and advancement on the leaderboards is rewarded with special item packs.

The method of playing “head-to-head” makes some sense but in practice really doesn’t work out. I’ve yet to have a single game go beyond my playing of the first quarter. Either the opponents I’ve challenged simply have no interest in playing the games or they are seeing a score that I’ve built up from the first quarter and deciding against continuing.

NBA Live Mobile

The economy in NBA Live Mobile is made up of Coins and NBA Cash. The coins are earned through playing the game and selling items. They are used to buy card packs and obtain players from auction. The cash is what is purchased with real money and can only be spent on card packs.

The concern, as always, with the Ultimate Team model is that real money has to be purchased to keep up and compete with others, that it becomes a grind if not spending money which results in the degradation of the fun factor. That hasn’t been the case with NBA Live Mobile. I was able to build up a pretty good team without spending money. That hasn’t included the top rated players in the game but over time they seem achievable as well. It’ll just take a lot longer to complete sets to get them or build up enough in coins to grab individuals at auction.

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NBA 2K18 Defensive Tips

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Having a little trouble on the defensive end? Here are some NBA 2K18 Defensive tips to help shut down the opposing team. Make sure you checkout our other NBA 2K18 Tips here.

NBA 2K18

Know your Opponent
Know the player you are defending. If the player isn’t recognized for being a fantastic jump shooter, back off. no want to play also tight and give them the shot. You would rather give up the shot, then to have them drive for an easy layup or dunk. You can still challenge the shot even if you don’t back off some. It is just the opposite for great jump shooters who you should play tight but also respect their capability to drive.

Know the team you are playing and defend accordingly. You wouldn’t defend a three point shooting group the extremely identical as a team that is powerful in the paint. Even throughout the game, know who is on the floor and adjust your defense to the players on the court.

Use All Available Defensive Features
Intense defense (LT) + right trigger (turbo) = rapid shuffle movement. Use it to hold up with the ball handler. This operates hand in hand with quantity 2 + three. preserve in mind that by using turbo your players will tire much more swiftly. Move your player whilst making use of the fast shuffle movement and try to beat your opponent to the spot forcing them to use other options. Employing the left trigger + correct trigger can also make it significantly less tough to box out for defensive rebounds. The left trigger (box out) is already pressed, you just have to icon switch to the player with the best position or box out the other team’s best rebounder, putting your teammates in better position for the rebound. You must hold your opponent boxed out throughout the complete rebounding approach as they will attempt to get around you.

Use proper stick (hands up) defense + intense defense to challenge shots instead of going for blocks. Leaving your feet to block leaves you vulnerable to pump fakes and can also produce a lot a lot more driving space for your opponent.

Be sure to use the shading function in the game. By shading right or left you control which path the ball handler will go. Understanding the path that they need to take tends to make it less complicated on defense. Shade them to exactly where you help defense or subsequent closest defender is. You can also use the sideline as an added defender as double teams can be very effective when used near the sideline.

On the Fly
Use the OTF (on the fly) defense choices (defend the paint, play tight on shooters, etc.) Throw in some zone every now and then. I mainly use the 2-3 to defend the paint or 3-2 to defending against the 3 point shot. Switch up your defenses during the game; if your opponent knows precisely how you are playing them it is that much easier to score.

Double Team
Recognize when to bring the double team and make note of who the open player is. Your opponent must make the intelligent pass to the open man so be prepared to icon switch to your defender that is closest to that player. Playing excellent team defense can be rewarding and it creates turnovers for you that can lead to fast break probabilities and momentum.

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Troubleshooting Methods in NBA Live Mobile

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Account or Purchasing

NBA Live Mobile

My account is missing or not properly linked.

Tap the Settings icon.
Tap Link (next to Link Accounts).
Tap Logout.
On the Select an account screen, select the account that you are using for NBA LIVE Mobile.

I want to connect my NBA account to Facebook.

Tap the Settings (three dots) icon at the top right of your screen.
Tap Link (next to Link Accounts).
Tap Link (next to Facebook)
Log in to your Facebook account.

I would like to cancel my NBA LIVE account from Facebook.

Tap the Settings (three dots) icon at the top right of your screen.
Tap Unlink (next to Link Accounts).
Tap Unlink (next to Facebook)
Log in to your Facebook account.

I want to delete NBA LIVE Mobile from my Facebook account.

Log in to Facebook.
Click Settings > Apps.
Find the NBA LIVE Mobile icon, hover over it with your mouse, and click the X next to the game. This removes NBA LIVE Mobile from your Facebook.

My purchased item is not appearing.

In some cases, you may need to quit and restart the game to access your new content.If you don’t work, try to shut down and restart the equipment

I cannot purchase items multiple times.

You only have a few opportunities to buy something.There should a 0/X indicator on the front of the item. If you have reached the limit, this number will appear in red and the button will remain inactive.

Gameplay and progress

I was kicked from the game or my game froze.
Go in to your device settings and Quit / Stop the app entirely. Make sure you check your Internet connection, then restart the game.

I removed the game from my device, but to save my progress
If you need to remove the game, your progress will continue when you leave, you reinstall the game.

Get the latest, up-to-date version of NBA LIVE Mobile.

Apple App Store: Click on the app store icon on your device, and then click the update tab at the bottom of the column. Locate the NBA Live Mobile in the list, and then click the update button.
Google Play: Go to the Google Play store and then go to my application section. You will see updates if there is a more recent version of the NBA Live Mobile.

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Disputing Neymar Rating in FIFA 17

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Neymar wasn’t impressed by people until Barcelona becomes the next place for the champions league. Although his FUT rating was 92 in the former competition, many people think his performance doesn’t deserve this rating and have an bad impression on him. In competition of Barcelona vs PSG, Neymar has totally changed the opinion that people on him with his remarkable ability, he got 95 which moves three rankings ahead comparing with last ranking. Neymar gives a big surprises to audience and his performance has been one of the hottest topics those days.


The Brazilian’s normal rating got a major upgrade after being handed an MOTM IF card from FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). Futhead calculated an overall stats rating of 479, though the Brazilian star is still two points short of his 97 rated Team of The Year (TOTY) card from FIFA 16.

Neymar has been heralded by many as the next big superstar at the Catalan club if or when Lionel Messi calls it a day at Nou Camp. And his performance didn’t do any harm to the reputation. He was also well rewarded in the virtual space with a massive boost in the FUT ratings. In case you didn’t know…In FIFA 17, Man of the Match Player cards are issued for tournaments and excellent performances and are indicated by an Orange item art. FUT Orange Man of the Match (MOTM) in-forms (IF cards) are awarded to players that perform extremely well in recent real-life football matches. They are usually only awarded for the bigger games.

Neymar becomes a famous guy overnight for his twice scores in the competition. His twice scores help him to make a breakthrough in performance and have the chance to compete in the next round. the Parisians is absolute dumbfounded by him and the 95 shocked the outgoing Barcelona coach Luis Enrique. Neymar has successfully proved himself to be the top player with his great skills, the entire football world applauded for him.

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FIFA 17: How to be Flexible in FIFA 17 Gameplay

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Compared with FIFA 16,  FIFA17 becomes more exciting and wonderful because of the upgrades of many modes. One of them is gameplay. It’s more complicated than FIFA 16. Lots of gamers have doubts and questions about it and don’t know how to play it. Undoubtedly, to some extent, gameplay  decides whether you can be a top-gamer or not . FIFA 17 has created a great community since it released by EA sports. It’s necessary for you to use various gameplays skillfully if you want stand out among countless competitors. Here are tips concluded by professional gamers based on their practical experience.


In FIFA, the pace is not that important, but you should be quick at Lb/Rb. The rest does not even matter.

Suppose the corner gets parried out to the edge of the box and if it falls to you, hen you need to smash it by holding L2(75%) of the time.

After you get in the box shoot early, as per last FIFA you could easily go to the side of the keeper and score, but with this FIFA 17 it is not that easy.

Select Settings and change the player indicator to name and indicator to help you know who is on the ball. This way you can judge and know if you can have a long shot or a good passer that can spray the ball to someone with ease.

Try to avoid holding the sprint until you really need to. These are with many people who moan about the passing. If you sprint while you are passing then, it might go wrong so try and keep calm and focus.

Try setting your camera to Co-op(Custom Zoom to max) if you still think that passing is unsatisfactory on FIFA 17.

To actually see which players you’re using currently, Use the pro camera mode to know the player details.

It turns out that if you always pass the ball in the same direction, you will have a higher probability to target what you want. There is almost no miss when you focus all your attention on one thing. In addition, a appropriate setting can perform interception very well .With AL in FIFA, it’s not impossible to pass ball successfully. Here are our tips for you, hope they can help you, enjoy the game.