Eternium is an Action and RPG mobile game where you can play a role that you can choose from the main class to adventure against enemies while progressing in classic mode. Eternium was released on 19 August 2014 and was developed by Making Fun, and has become one of the most favorite games in the RPG category in various places such as the Play Store and Microsoft Store. This game is rated 4.8 on the Play Store with total reviews.

If you’re a fan of the classic action RPGs such as Diablo where you embark on adventures with multiple classes to choose from, waves of unique enemies to kill, and the ability to level up everything from your boots to your weaponry – you must have tried many different mobile games trying to scratch that very specific itch.

A great feature to this game is its Crafting system. Head to the Craft screen and choose what type of item you’d like to craft. Then you put 3 items, any that you don’t need and then the game will determine what are the chances of getting an Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary item. To begin crafting you will have to use a bit of Gold. Crafting takes a few minutes but can be finished instantly using Gems.

As usual in RPG, there are several classes of heroes: magician, warrior and rogue. In the beginning, you need to select it and start a long adventure through the game plot. During the game you will earn money as well as clothing and weapons. Clothes and weapons,  can be improved with stones, inserting them into sockets or you can dismantling it. Shield and sword or two swords, staff, armor or clothing – choose what you like or what will lead you more effective battle.

Unlike other games, Eternium uses the base concept where every feature and sub-menu can be accessed directly by the player by visiting a certain NPC that specifically represents a function. At the headquarters, you can also receive various quests from different NPCs and you can find out with the exclamation mark icon on each NPC that has an active quest.

The gameplay is the most important thing here, and it’s some of the most fun I’ve had in a mobile RPG to date.The controls are extremely fluid, killing enemies and bosses is very fun, and the game requires a bit of strategy too as mindlessly pressing buttons won’t do the job alone.

In Eternium you only need to click on the enemy to attack. What’s unique is that you can draw code to perform powerful Attacks. Not only active skills are available, there are also passive skills that can help give effect to your character when fighting.

Similar to other RPG games, you will also be treated to a map that contains a floor plan of several places such as countryside, hinterland, labyrinth, forest and many others.Usually in every place there is a treasure that you can find. Treasures can contain interesting items., a player-to-player trading site, is the perfect place for you to buy Eternium Rubies. Unlike other sites that outright sell in-game items, accounts, and currency, we provide players a place where they can buy and sell these things. Since its players and not hustlers who do the trading, you can safely get cheap Eternium Unlimited Money at