EA Play Live will stream online on 22 July 2021, with FIFA 22 bound to be one of the biggest games featured.

FIFA 22 is to bring significant changes to the game. Unfortunately, not all players will enjoy them. Although we will not receive official information about the latest installment of the football series until the end of July, leaks are already appearing.

Kylian Mbappé can currently be seen on the cover of FIFA 21. The 22-year-old has towered over the past few years. In the past three seasons, the youngster has been crowned Ligue 1 top scorer. He has four championship titles (three with Paris Saint-Germain and one with AS Monaco), plus a World Cup victory in 2018. But the high-flyer could still be considered Cover star disappearing from FIFA packs.

When will FIFA 22 go on sale?
Well, we are about to do something very similar to FUTZOne: there is no exact date, however it is scheduled to premiere sometime between September 24 and October 8, both are Fridays and there is a framework of two weeks between them.

It sounds quite ambiguous, but we still have to wait for more news from EA, which will make several announcements about its sports games later this month. Of course, it is thought that the bulk of the presentation will be taken by Madden 22 because it is less days before its premiere (scheduled for August 20 of this year).

FIFA 22 leaks
With no official details, screens or trailers yet, we have to make do with leaks. However, there are some juicy snippets out there already, mainly thanks to a very limited closed beta having been distributed to a handful of influencers and FIFA stalwarts.

It was subsequently withdrawn and cancelled, but not before a series of leaked images and features hit the ‘net. FIFA tweeter @KingLangpard managed to share some of the best.

Changes to FUT Champions
KingLangpard reports that the rules for joining the FUT Weekend League will change in the latest installment of FIFA. You will need to qualify for it every week. It will be necessary to win at least 3 of the 5 qualifying matches. Each player will have 3 attempts per week. In addition, we will play less than 30 matches in the Weekend League alone.

It is worth noting that a few years ago we qualified for the Weekend League by playing a small tournament, so here we return to the previously known solution.

EA will reveal more about the upcoming FIFA 22 at EA Play on July 22nd. Perhaps there will already be information as to whether it will actually be Mbappé or perhaps Robert Lewandowski after all.

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