FIFA 22 has teamed up with the world’s first football club to persuade players to stop rage quitting and start skipping replays.The latest entry in the long-running football simulation series was released at the start of the month. In particular, FIFA 22 drew praise for its new HyperMotion gameplay and AI machine learning technologies being some of the highlights of the new iteration.

The “FOAT Code”, (stands for First Of All Time) “calls on the FIFA community to follow the unwritten rules of FIFA including asking players not to quit matches in rage and asking players not to pause game mid-match”.

There are other unwritten rules: don’t waste time; skip the replays of goals that aren’t worth a replay; and don’t celebrate every “sweaty” goal.

While it’s a nice sentiment, it’s extremely unlikely that the FIFA community are going to abide by these rules, especially considering the communities general distaste for the developer behind the football mega-hit.

In FIFA 22, thanks to the new-look FUT Champs game mode, the community has seemingly come to a collective agreement to quit games, if they themselves have nothing else to play for, in return giving their opponents a “free win” which could see them reach a higher rank.

Recently, users discovered that quitting a FUT Champions match didn’t result in a loss. EA resolved the issue, identified users who’d consistently quit without suffering a loss and hit them with the ban. Some players complained on Twitter that their ban was a lot longer than seven days — 993 days longer, to be exact.

Whereas the “Code of the F.O.A.T.” isn’t actually an enforceable algorithm, EA Sports activities is just banking on its collaboration with Sheffield FC to persuade extra gamers to abide by them. The historical past and legacy of Sheffield FC can definitely pull on the heartstrings of no less than just a few gamers who actually love the game. Nonetheless, followers of each FIFA 22 and Sheffield FC can no less than get the latter’s equipment within the course of.

FIFA 22 is currently available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

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