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Konami starts Beta testing for its new Football Manager Project

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Football Manager 2021 Money Konami has already officially released the PES 2021 Season Update and PES Mobile 2021. Now the company is trying their hands on something new. They are planning to launch a new Football Manager type game on Mobile.

As in previous editions we gain access to the beta version which offers us most of the functions available in the finished game. We won’t lose any progress but we can get used to Football Manager 2021.

The development team has revised and expanded the communication system with players media and management introducing a series of mechanics related to interactions i.e. dedicated to interviews with players and the press as well as briefings with managers. New dialogue options non-verbal gestures quick individual interviews (now really quick since they take place on a screen superimposed on the main one) are just some of the innovations that aim to capture the user immersing him in the management of his team.

Football Manager 2021 promises above all a significant improvement in the artificial intelligence of its game engine in order to reinforce the realism of the matches (decision-making defensive anticipation consistency of the attack impact of the midfielder Buy Football Manager 2021 Money performance of goalkeepers. goal). So many details that can be checked (and corrected if necessary with the help of player comments) on the beta.

There is currently no plan to bring Football Manager 2021 to PS5. We have to adapt to the new architecture and then there are issues related to agreements which can go on for a long time. Furthermore at this juncture at the end of a generational cycle it was still too late for us. But never say never.

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미호요 붕괴3rd 한국 3주년

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붕괴3rd 수정 미호요가 붕괴3rd 3주년 이벤트를 화끈하게 준비했다.

사전에 공개한 이벤트와 보상 내용은 역대급이다. 기념 영상과 발키리 한복 축전 일러스트 이벤트까지 지난달 ‘3주년 축제의 서막: 축제 임박’부터 시작된 3주년 관련 공지사항만 15건이 넘는다.

붕괴3rd는 지난 2016년 런칭 이후 CPI 등 UA 마케팅을 전혀 진행하지 않은 상황에서 유저 바이럴과 브랜드 마케팅으로 중국 매출 Top10위에 오른 중국 대표 서브컬쳐 장르 게임으로 현재까지 전 세계에서 인기를 이어가고 있다. 국내는 지난 2017년 10월 17일 출시해 200만 이상 누적 다운로드 달성 구글플레이스토어 최고 매출 2위 애플 앱스토어 매출 1위를 기록하는 쾌거를 이뤘다.

국내 게임사들이 비용 부담을 이유로 지스타 참가를 쉽게 결정하지 못하는 상황에서 미호요는 지난 2018년 2019년 연속으로 단독 부스 참여를 했으며 다양한 이벤트는 물론 붕괴3rd PC 버전도 공개해 많은 관심을 받았다. 붕괴3rd PC 버전은 앱 플레이어 기반이 아니라 이용자들에게 보다 쾌적하고 안정적인 플레이를 제공하기 위해 자체 개발했다.

출석 이벤트는 ‘카니발 축제’라는 명칭으로 재단장 했는데 보상이 파격적인 수준이다. 7일간의 이벤트는붕괴3rd 충전 성석 골드핀 열광코어 등 매일 다른 보상을 지급한다. 특히 1일차 보상으로 태고의 의지 600개 열광 코어 160개 그리고 이능 물리 피해 발키리 체리폭탄(로잘리아 아린) 캐릭터 카드 중 하나를 지원한다.

붕괴3rd는 3주년을 기념해 15일부터 대규모 업데이트 사전예약이 진행 중이다. 특히 한국 한정으로 3주년 전야제 이벤트가 마련됐다. 오는 29일까지 진행하는 3주년 전야제는 인게임 배경으로 편의점 게임 전시회 미호요 사무실 등 붕괴3rd 유저들이 공감할 수 있는 장소를 선정했으며 아이템으로 ‘붕카콜라’ ‘붕닭볶음면’ ‘비어환꼬치’ ‘키등어 구이’ 등 국내 이용자들이 공감할 아이템들을 선보였다. 또한 3주년 기념품 수집 수량에 따라 ‘네겐트로피‧허수코어’ ‘본부 보급 카드’ ‘천명 ‧허수 코어’ 등 다양한 아이템 지급할 계획이다.

모험을 강화하고 게임의 즐거움을 극대화하려면 의 평판이 좋은 판매자 목록에서 저렴한 붕괴3rd 수정 충전 구입하는 것이 좋습니다.

Genshin Impact not to Xbox One

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Genshin Impact Account Genshin Impact will come in the future to Nintendo Switch -something that was already known- and PS5 but not to Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S according to the developer miHoYo to Twinfinite. The title -an action RPG with gacha system- available for free from in Spain since September 28 on PS4 PC iOS and Android has become a success both in terms of number of players and income. More content will be coming soon with new areas to explore and characters.

Twinfinite has exchanged a few words with miHoYo and asked them directly if the game would be available on the new generation of consoles. They have responded that there are plans for it but that they would not announce it for now. Of course although they did not explicitly say “PS5″ they did mention the fact that they had no plans for Xbox consoles.

It is worth mentioning that the RPG game is available for PC PlayStation 4 and mobile devices Genshin Impact Account for sale and had an edition announced for Switch.

The team is also planning to update the co-op RPG every six weeks. The first is scheduled for November 11th the second for December 23rd. These updates bring new content such as the Dragonspine region. The new large main area Inazuma is planned for March 2021.

“Our recommendation is clear: try it on anything you enjoy ARPG there is nothing to lose. Genshin Impact also does not try to do something especially novel but what it does it does well and it is a positive surprise that will surely pave the way for future porridge. in the West. If miHoYo supports you for years with improvements and new content -there are still areas to be opened among other things- long-term success is assured; for now it is one of the best free options on the market especially if you don’t you are interested in battle royales ” we commented in his analysis. You can also consult the guide with the tips and secrets of Genshin Impact that will make this adventure much more comfortable.

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Developer Genshin Impact has no plans to release an Xbox version of the game

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buy Genshin Impact Account After about two weeks the newest RPG game from miHoYo namely Genshin Impact was launched right now the company is busy working on the latest content starting from characters locations and also support for next-gen consoles which will be coming soon.

“We currently have no plans to release an Xbox version of the game,” a company spokesman told reporters without going into details.
For the moment it is not yet possible to know if the game will ever be released on Microsoft’s home consoles but the developers have invited players to express their opinion on the title and on what they would expect to see in the future of the title declaring that many of the ongoing decisions will be made based on user feedback. While MiHoYo has no immediate plans to add new mechanics to the title its purpose is to evolve the world of Genshin Impact from its current state. The game launched with twenty characters and Genshin Impact Primogem Account for sale two main locations and the developer has stated that more characters character-specific missions and a third city are currently in development.

Although Genshin Impact wants to expand considerably the developer does not want to expand to Microsoft consoles. MiHoYo says “We have no plans for an Xbox version of the game at this time.” It is not clear whether this is due to an exclusivity deal Xbox’s low popularity in Asia or other factors.

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Lyft is planning to make changes to its marketing and sales teams

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Lyft Gift Cards In this COVID 19-era “well” is a relative term. Lyft’s net losses did dramatically improve from the year-ago quarter (a loss of $398 million versus $1.1 billion in Q1 2019). However Lyft was clear in its earnings call: COVID-19 had a profound impact on its customers and its business and the future was uncertain.

The company plans to shift its marketing teams to focus on regions rather than group them city-by-city while its enterprise sales team is re-evaluating which markets are its top priorities Lyft confirmed. The layoffs will affect around 90 people in Lyft’s marketing and enterprise sales departments it said. Lyft currently has 5,500 employees.

“We’ve carefully evaluated the resources we need to achieve our 2020 business goals and the restructuring of some of our teams reflects that,” a spokesperson said. “We are still growing rapidly and plan to hire more than 1,000 new employees this year.”

The company will continue with its Essential Deliveries pilot that launched April 15. cheap Lyft Gift Cards The initiative lets government agencies local non-profits businesses and healthcare organizations request on-demand delivery of meals groceries life-sustaining medical supplies hygiene products and home necessities.

Since Lyft’s October commitment to turn a profit the company’s search for new hires seems to have abruptly slowed according to data-provider Thinknum. Should the company hire 1,000 new employees this year – growing its current workforce by 18% – that will reverse the trend.

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Great MMORPG Eve Online has head to Android

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EVE Echoes InterStellar Kredits EVE Online is one of the most popular MMORPGs ever. The game was developed by CCP Games and at the beginning of 2013 had more than 500,000 subscribers. It’s one of the games that can turn a small studio into a big company. In 2016 the company released a free limited edition and now targets EVE Online under the name Echoes even on Android and iOS.

Those of you who wanted the legendary sci-fi MMORPG EVE Online to be released on mobile devices get smart. The creators of the CCP Games studio announced that this will happen on August 13. It will bear a slightly different name Eve Echoes and will be offered for free (more precisely as free-to-play).

While EVE Online still has the usual roughly fixed user base on PC Netease Games and CCP Games announced last year that a well-known gaming extension also made for an MMORPG is coming to mobiles. We learned about EVE: Echoes back in May sometime in August EVE Online Mobile ISK for sale but we had to wait for a more accurate date until now.

The game will be available for free but it is almost certain that it will contain microtransactions. However if this version is at least a bit like that of computers we won’t have to buy anything for a very long time. You can pre-register on Google Play now and the store will notify you when the game is available for download. is the best place to buy EVE Echoes ISK with PayPal Visa Paysafecard and more. We understand the importance of fast delivery and our dedicated staff will do everything possible to get your EVE Echoes ISK order as soon as possible.

EVE Echoes closed alpha will take place this month

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CCP Games and NetEase Games have announced that a closed alpha will take place this month for their new mobile MMO EVE Echoes. The EVE Echoes alpha will go live on Monday, August 26th, and run for four weeks ending Friday, September 20th. To participate, players can register on the official EVE Echoes website. Applicants who meet the technical requirements will be notified by email prior to the alpha’s commencement.

EVE Echoes is a tech-pushing mobile MMO based on hallmark EVE Online design principles. In Echoes, players will be able to forge their own path to glory within a massive sandbox environment and form alliances with other players from across the galaxy to shape the game’s persistent universe. It will utilize NetEase Games’ proprietary graphics engine, NeoX, in combination with CCP’s game design to realize EVE’s trademark starry void and futuristic aesthetic.

The official release says the closed alpha, will be open to users with an iPhone 6S or better, Samsung Note8, Note9, S8, S9, Huawei P30 or Google Pixel 2. It doesn’t say newer versions of the Pixel and the Galaxy phones can’t run EVE Echoes, though. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap EVE Echoes ISK, you can visit our website

“Players will be free to engage in interstellar combat, resource collection, industrial manufacturing, trade, exploration as well as many other activities across thousands of planetary systems,” the official release says. No new gameplay was released with the announcement.

While it’s being done with the blessing and support of EVE Online’s CCP Games, it has been a cause for concern for some that most of the development is being handled by NetEase. A giant of the mobile gaming industry, NetEase owns and operates dozens of  hugely-successful and widely-popular online games, but has also been accused of implementing pay-to-win mechanics in many of its titles.

Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos combines a linear story with excessive menu jumping

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It’s hard to know what to say about a game like Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos. It’s two games, really. The first is a linear series of missions that offer some simple tactical choices, but never really does much to engage the player. The second, which you can’t access until you’ve reached level 20, is an experimental multiplayer game that manages to capture the spirit of the old Heroes of Might and Magic games.

Both of these games are absolutely buried in a maze of menus, energy bars, and timers that are designed to hook an addiction-prone mind so that you keep coming back. Not because you enjoy it, but because you’re worried you’ll miss something if you don’t log in over and over again.

Gameplay in Era of Chaos consists of players accumulating different units and placing them in the proper battle formations before sending them off to fight against a similar team of AI-controlled characters. Players are given the opportunity to review their opponent’s battle formation before each encounter and can adjust their own accordingly, then once fighting begins the majority of Might and Magic Heroes’ action is of the non-interactable variety, save for the casting of spells which is thankfully done manually. Outcomes of these battles are usually determined by a combination of the level of the player’s hero characters and their units, the quality of their positioning, and proper usage and timing of spells. If you are in need of Cheap Might and Magic: Era of Chaos Diamonds Top Up, come to, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “Z2U”.

The main line of missions which make up the majority of Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos sees players traveling from one location in the game’s overworld to another, repeatedly moving from one fight to the next, interrupted occasionally by brief story segments which give context to the actions on screen. Each victory gives players experience points, money, and items used for leveling up their units, something which can only be done by backing out of the overworld map screen and heading back to the game’s main hub, a town area which links to multiple different locations that unlock slowly as players increase their level.

As a free-to-play mobile title, Era of Chaos has plenty to offer. As a sequel to or continuation of the Might and Magic series, many longtime franchise players will likely find the linear story campaign and incessant menu screen hopping to be both intrusive and tedious, but if they can stick it out until level 22 then a little bit of the old magic starts to seep back through. Once unlocked, the variety of mission and battle types is enough to keep gameplay fresh over long periods, and although Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos does feature a rather excessive amount of microtransactions at least the company didn’t ask for an upfront payment as well.

NHL 21 will also be released a month later than planned

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nhl 21 coins for sale Just like FIFA 21 NHL 21 will also be released a month later than planned. Surprisingly EA is not making a version for PS5 or Xbox Series X.

The game will be released on Xbox One and PS4 but at the same time it will support Xbox Series X and PS5 when released. It won’t have a nextgen version directly as they’d rather work on innovation than porting.

The studio originally expected to be able to show something out of the game as early as August but also acknowledged that it would take time and a lot of resources to incorporate new technologies so they focused on innovation and adding new tweaks instead of next-gen. “It will be possible to play NHL 21 on next-gen consoles but only with compatibility. We’ve paid full attention to the Xbox One and PS4 versions but we’re extremely excited about what the future holds for the next generation. ”

Furthermore the team also announced that they will not be making a next-gen version of the game. They want to focus entirely on innovation and new features for the game instead of “the burdensome task of porting to a new console generation”. You will still be able to play the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X thanks to backwards compatibility but the game will not respond directly to the power that the new systems have to offer. Of course the better hardware – and especially the SSD – will ensure faster loading times. is a leading game currency marketplace that has many sellers with good reputation. You can buy HUT 21 Coins with the best service at our website.

Deep Rock Galactic has received Update 28 Hotfix 2

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Deep Rock Galactic has received Update 28 Hotfix 2. You can now download this hotfix on PC (Steam). You will find that Deep Rock Galactic Update 28 Hotfix 2 has various fixes and improvements especially with the poor performance it had on some graphic cards. Something else that stands out in this hotfix is that they updated and moved the Abyss Bar Menu to a more intuitive location.

This is an attractive action and exploration proposal with a nice science fiction backdrop. The game is mainly focused on cooperative gameplay as a first-person shooter. With a major emphasis on teamwork, and with several class options to choose from, Deep Rock Galactic offers procedurally generated worlds and with enormous possibilities of destruction.

If you’ve been playing Deep Rock for a while now, you are very familiar with the player hub area, “The Space Rig.” While before all consoles were a bunch of duplicate screens that looks the same, they now each have their own look. Unique stations with creative details and new textures can be found all over the rig. My personal favorite is the various tools, equipment, and guns lying around the equipment terminal. A close second would be the Star Trek-style console for Deep Dives (the weekly endgame missions). If you are in need of Cheap Deep Rock Galactic Steam CD Key, come to, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “Z2U”.

The world map is easily accessible for all four players at a time now. These quality-of-life improvements are much welcomed. Everything also got a new coat of paint! It seems with this update the dev team is making an apparent effort to make their game consistent in it’s polish while they prepare for v 1.0.

For a while now, DRG has had a perk system that allows players to continue to earn perk points even into the endgame. The new perk system works much like it used to with one important change; Perks are now color-coded to indicate they are passive or active. The Passive perks are mainly what players are already used to. These mostly grant better stats on existing game mechanics, without adding much new content. Not any more! Now every perk in Deep Rock Galactic has been updated or replaced altogether.