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Madden 18 Ultimate Team MUT Heroes Guide

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MUT might just be the biggest mode in Madden 18, which is why we’ve put together this guide on earning coins and other items as quickly as possible.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team has just added the brand new MUT Heroes feature, giving you yet more collections to complete for the vast Ultimate Team mode. In this MUT Heroes guide, we’ll be walking you through how to find MUT Sidekicks, as well as how to then take these Sidekick players and upgrade them to the MUT Ultimate Hero player cards.

But if you instead need anything else to do with Madden 18, including general tips and tricks on this iteration of the sports sim, as well as all the best offensive and defensive playbooks in the game, head over to our website.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team MUT Heroes Guide

When you first head into the MUT Heroes upgrade sets from the Madden 18 Ultimate Team menu, you’ll come to the screen below, where you can find one collection per NFL team.


If you select one of the upgrade sets, for example the Chicago Bears, you’ll come to the screen just below, which tasks you with putting together one Elite Token, one Jordan Howard Wildcard player, and a total of 24 MUT Sidekick players, all of which have to have at least an OVR rating of 80.


The MUT Heroes cards are all at an overall rating of 91, meaning they’ll give any team an immediate upgrade at any position on the field. On top of this, each MUT Heroes player boasts an elite statistic, for example the Jordan Howard card has a Carrying rating of 95, and the Andrew Luck card has a Throw on the Run rating of 94.

First of all, if you want to collect any of the MUT Hero cards you’re going to need to get your hands on an Elite Token, so head over to our MUT Upgrade Sets guide if you need help on obtaining one.

Secondly, you’ll want the Wildcard 85 OVR version of the player you want to transform into the MUT Ultimate Hero version, and for this, you’ll have to trade in at least five 80 OVR MUT Sidekick players, to earn a single 85 OVR Wildcard player. Unfortunately, the Wildcard player that you earn is randomised, so you’ll have to keep repeating the Sidekicks To Hero Upgrade set at the top of the MUT Heroes section, and see which Wildcard players the game gives you.

Madden 18 MUT Sidekick Players

Finally, you’ll need to amass a total of 24 MUT Sidekick players, all of which are at least 80 OVR> To do this, you can either head into the MUT auction house and place a bid on a card, or you’ll have to tear through MUT packs, and try your luck at finding some MUT Sidekick players within.

As we said above, every MUT Ultimate Hero player has an overall rating of 91, so it seems like, for the moment at least, as though these MUT Heroes upgrade sets are well worth the effort.

Madden NFL 18 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One. Stay in the conversation by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. We will offer more news for madden 18 updates. More Madden NFL 18 Coins at

How to Master FIFA 18 Squad Battles and Win Ultimate Team Rewards

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The latest instalment of FIFA 18 has introduced a new Ultimate Team game mode that has got everyone talking – and it may just be the best addition to the long-running franchise in a very long time.

Not many people would argue the fact that FIFA had just started to get a little bit stale, but the new Squad Battles mode has provided fresh excitement for both online and offline players and given a new means to win prizes, earn coins and improve your Ultimate Team.


What are squad battles?

Squad Battles are a new week-long game mode that allows players to face off against AI Ultimate Team squads built by fellow gamers, with a victory earning points based on the difficulty level selected. The higher the difficulty, the more points you accrue, the more points you rack up each week, the higher your rank. That rank then determines the rewards you will take home at the end of the competition.

The matches available to play reset every day, and more regularly over the weekend, while you can also challenge the squads of real players, which have so far featured Antoine Griezmann, Thomas Muller and Dele Alli.

How many matches can I play?

Each day four new AI squads are available to challenge, and you have a 24 hour window in which to play them. You can only play against each squad once.

However, on Saturday and Sunday there is an extra reset, at 5pm BST each day, which means you can play eight matches per day over the weekend.

When are rewards released?

Each weekly Squad Battles round ends at 1am BST on Monday morning, or 5pm PST/8pm EST on Sunday evening if you’re on the other side of the Atlantic.

Rewards are released moments after that deadline passes, though you may have to exit Ultimate Team and go back in for them to appear. Click on Squad Battles and a message should appear saying your rewards are ready to be claimed. Any packs won will then be sent to the store where you can open them. The next week’s round of games will be available once again after 1am on Monday, starting the grind all over again.

What difficulty should I play on?

Each difficulty setting comes with a skill level multiplier that significantly affects the amounts of points you earn. Ultimate difficulty will multiple your score by a factor of 2.6, Beginner will half it at 0.5.

There is little reason to play at any difficulty setting below Professional (1.0 multiplier), while Ultimate ramps up players’ abilities to such an extent that you have to be extremely good to win, and it makes more sense to test yourself on Legendary (which only has a marginally lower multiplier anyway). As a rule of thumb, winning 5-0 on Professional earns you roughly as many points as a 1-0 win on World Class.

Pick and choose your battles

You can view each squad before you battle them, which allows you to be a little tactical about which difficulty setting you play on. If you’re coming up against Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo on 100 chemistry, stick to professional.

But if the team you’re facing is full of bronze and silver players, you can afford to be a little braver and ramp up the difficulty. Be warned, though: chemistry is more important than squad rating! A good team with bad chemistry is easier to beat than a bad team with good chemistry. If your opposition has anything less than 70 chemistry, you can probably afford to ramp up the difficulty to Legendary.

Tips for winning on legendary

The Legendary setting strikes the best balance between difficulty and points, though it can still be very testing – especially when the opposition players start pressing aggressively and go ultra-attacking.

The key is to remain calm in the first half, try and nick a lead, and then let the AI start making errors. Break the first press of attackers (switches of play are very useful) and you’ll find a lot of space. If the AI is losing in the final 20 minutes, they change to an ultra-attacking formation with just two centre-backs. Counter-attack well and you should score a few more goals and see out the win. Now go have some fun!

Madden 18: Online Head to Head games Shows You Sleeper Teams

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Really great online Madden 18 players which you will encounter when playing H2H games are typically prepared to face the best teams. Keep in mind that the highest rated teams aren’t necessarily the ideal alternative, when you go to select your squad to get an online Head to Head game in Madden 18. No need to worry, you’ve come to the perfect location. The pros here at are dedicated to keeping you one step ahead of the competition. So today, we’re giving you our sleeper teams to see in Madden 18 online Head to Head games.


Minnesota Vikings

Murray is big and quick, too. Cook can catch the ball, and McKinnon has speed and elusiveness. MInnesota is very deep at RB particularly, the Vikings are strong at every major skill position on crime including QB, WR, and RB. Latavius Murray, Dalvin Cook, and the forgotten about Jerick McKinnon each have the potential to serve as the starter.

Even though the O-Line is a little feeble, Minnesota has good, or at least decent talent at just about any important position on both defense and offense. FS Harrison Smith is one of the top rated players in that place next to Eric Berry and Earl Thomas. The Vikings also have an exceptional defense with an extremely talented front 7 filled with pass rushers throughout the D-line.

Cincinnati Bengals

Latavius Murray, Dalvin Cook, and the forgotten about Jerick McKinnon each have the potential to serve as the starter. Murray is big and quick, too. The Vikings are strong at every major skill position on crime including QB, WR, and RB. MInnesota is very deep at RB particularly. Cook can catch the ball, and McKinnon has speed and elusiveness.

Kansas City Chiefs

FS Harrison Smith is one of the top rated players in that place next to Eric Berry and Earl Thomas. The Vikings also have an exceptional defense with an extremely talented front 7 filled with pass rushers throughout the D-line. Even though the O-Line is a little feeble, Minnesota has good, or at least decent talent at just about any important position on both defense and offense.

Ross’s 98 rate rating makes him a dangerous weapon at the WR area, but if you factor in top rated WR AJ Green, the Bengal offense is flat out deadly. Add in TE Tyler Eifert and running backs Jeremy HIll, Gio Bernard, and newcomer Joe Mixon, along with the Cincinnati offense is loaded with playmakers. Cincinnati’s offense is filled with speed, speed, and more rate. Rookie WR John Ross was unquestionably one of the rookies we had been anticipating seeing when Madden 18 came out. The Bengals are decidedly one of the sleeper teams to see at Madden 18 online Head to Head games.

I believe it’s mostly due to Alex Smith’s lower ratings year in and year out. Madden 18 is no different as Smith is rated a measly 80 overall, which doesn’t seem to reflect his actual production and numbers on the field. Nonetheless, the Chiefs offense isn’t their principal attraction in Madden 18. Each year, it seems the Kansas City Chiefs are forgotten about by online Head to Head Madden players.

To put it simply, the Chiefs defense is absolutely loaded from top to base, and their thickness chart on that side of the ball is littered with top rated players. Instead, their 91 overall rated defense ought to be why you play with or against the Kansas City Chiefs.

When you add in quick pass rushers like OLBs Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, Kansas City makes for a remarkably hard opponent that’s tough to score against. With stud players in the secondary such as CB Marcus Peters and FS Eric Berry, the Chiefs defense is tough to throw against.

Hill is quite a game changer and is over a WR who can beat you deep. If the defense is not giving you enough headaches, WR Tyrique Hill is one of the fastest players in Madden 18 alongside Cincinnati WR John Ross. Couple Hill’s blazing pace with TE Travis Kelce’s ability to make catches down the middle of the field, and the Kansas City Chiefs are among the sleeper teams to see at Madden 18.

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The Best Things of Madden 18 Coaching Adjustments

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you most likely remember the coaching adjustments menu, If you have ever played any of the NCAA Football series. Not everything about it is the exact same, but the basic concept of it is very similar, that feature is now being moved over to Madden. It is fairly straight forward in nature, but does open up the discussion for a few things. You will be able to make certain adjustments on the fly that decide how your team will play a particular event.

madden 18

For example, on NCAA you were unable to use anything but conservative running style because if your opponent had their strips set to aggressive you would fumble constantly (multiple times per drive) using any other setting. The first and most important discussion to have regarding coaching adjustments is whether or not you will be able to use them all situationally or just be pigeon holed into using the same setup all game long like many players were on the NCAA series.  There were also settings that were a total benefit on NCAA as well such as setting your zones to aggressive, there was also a thing where if you had your defensive pass rush set to aggressive the opponent could just sit there fake hiking until you were drawn offsides, even with this setting you would not give up anything extra over the top and it would make your defenders jump anything short like they were psychic.

This year keeping the ball with the Quarterback when they played the Runningback was mostly pointless. Another thing that the coaching adjustments raises this year is whether or not the read option will return to being relevant. Now you will be able to choose the way you play the option in a much more straightforward and simple fashion. Rarely would the Quarterback actually make it anywhere before another defender reacted or blockshed making the play a total bust. There doesn’t seem to be a logical need for this feature unless read option is once again a useful concept.

Madden had a feature called “man assignments” back in Madden 12. Then the final thing coaching adjustments makes us question is the Cornerback Matchups, and the feature was filled with problems and glitches that would destroy the offenses ability to read coverage, and on the offensive side could create monumental man switch glitches in the defense’s coverage. this feature is one that has been needed for a very long time, Provided nothing like that happens. history has a really funny way of repeating itself, that being said, Lets just hope it doesn’t do that with coaching adjustments.

You can also comment below and tell us your thoughts and feelings about coaching adjustments because we love discussion and interacting with the community. It helps us out a ton when you share our content, and we really appreciate it. If you enjoyed this article please take a moment to share it on social media.

Break Through Black Zones in Albion Online

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Without question, Albion Online is game involved in multiple players, every player has unique position and play his own role in the game, well organizing and magnificent screen making it one of the most successful game in video game market. Not all games in Albion Online are completed by team, there are a few games which can be done independently. For example, some players like to explore Sandbox Interactive game by himself, but they suffer danger during the game. The Black Zones is one of the most dangerous area, many characters have been killed in this special area. Usually, we don’t recommend players to try it without partners. But if you insist on, we have some guides for you to follow, so that your character can live longer or minimizing your loss caused by the death.

albion online

Before all things, you will have to avoid cities like the plague. Cities are territories conducive to construction, possessed by guilds. As a result, they are often used as headquarters by players who will regularly be moving about inside or about them. Thus, definitely avoid being anywhere close to them or risk being an easy target.

Guild territories are also to be avoided in general. You can possibly collect resources in the surroundings, but here again I advise against it. These territories are symbolized by large red squares on the map and are filled with enemy soldiers.

And this one is quite obvious, but definitely stay away from multiplayer dungeons in black areas. Indeed, many groups spend hours in these dungeons to gain fame and death waits for you at every corner. Even if there were no players, it is not guaranteed that you could handle the enemies that spawn there.

Likewise, the Hellgates are to be proscribed in general, firstly because you will not be able to clear them, then because the players who go in such portals are often well equipped and in groups. Therefore, they have no difficulty in getting rid of you. Approaching a hellgate portal, even if you have no intention of entering, is not recommended either, since you might come across a group of players who plan to raid it.

albion online-1

If you want to earn fame in the black zone, you can try to run the solo dungeons. These dungeons are somewhat easy and give a decent amount of fame, although clearing them alone and with budget gear takes some time. These are also relatively uncrowded places as guild players will prefer to visit the multiplayer dungeons that will earn them astronomical fame in a short time. You must nevertheless be careful. It won’t be unusual for other solo players to attack you while you are already in combat with the dungeon enemies.

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FIFA 18: Modifications On Release Date For PS4, Xbox One And Nintendo Switch Because Of Cristiano Ronaldo

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FIFA 18 is reportedly facing a brand new challenge concerning Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at Real Madrid, which means huge release date modifications might be on the cards for PS4, Xbox One particular and Nintendo Switch.

FIFA 18As outlined by the latest reports, there may very well be modifications ahead for the FIFA 18 Coins release date on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

EA Sports not too long ago revealed Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo as their choose for this year’s cover star, who might be emblazoned across all versions from the game.

The artwork for every version from the sports title functions Ronaldo wearing a Genuine shirt, even though holding a football.

But this new version could result in a couple of headaches, if the most current reports regarding the footie star’s future are proved true.

Express Sport claims Roman Abramovich is reportedly serious about bringing Ronaldo to Chelsea, that will help preserve current manager Antonio Conte in the club.

He could also use Eden Hazard – a long-term target of Actual Madrid’s – as a pawn to persuade the European champions to nudge Ronaldo in Chelsea’s path.

The Russian’s next move is likely to be the essential within a week that should pretty much absolutely see football’s astonishing spending spree soar by means of the roof.

Ronaldo set the ball rolling by revealing plans to quit Spain more than tax fraud allegations, a selection that has alerted suitors all more than the footballing globe.

But what ever move Abramovich tends to make he will face fierce competition for Real’s wantaway superstar from a host of prime clubs as far afield as China, America, Europe – and Manchester United in certain.

The Mirror points out that this new Footballing drama could have an effect on the FIFA 18 release date within a huge way.

The problem arises from Ronaldo getting prominently shown in his Genuine Madrid kit, which could prove problematic if he moves away from the club in the summer transfer window.

There will be no problem changing the player in-game to whatever club he chooses to move to but it would mean that EA Sports could be forced to rebrand the FIFA Coins game’s cover.

There’s also the fact that Ronaldo plays a part within the returning Journey Mode, though it really is unclear if this requires any references to Genuine Madrid.

As generally, it should be noted that Ronaldo at the moment remains a True Madrid player and there is no assure that he plans to adjust this.

The Mirror also reports that EA have yet to signal any type of release date changes and would most likely wait until a transfer was confirmed for Ronaldo before undertaking so.

Even so, the world’s significant spenders are apparently falling more than themselves to splash out on a player who would expense them a record £150million.

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NBA Live Mobile: How Can Player Get More Conis Without Real Money

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For a long time, fans of basketball, who were also gamers didn’t have a good NBA game to play. I mean, sure, there was NBA 2K, but, that just wasn’t good enough, especially when you consider the fact that you had to go to all kinds of websites just to download it because it wasn’t available on Google Play Store.

Luckily for all of us, EA decided to make an amazing game for all of us who love to watch and play basketball games. At first, when the game was freshly released, it was a bit buggy, but now, when everything is fixed, a large number of gamers is playing NBA Live on a daily basis. This means that you will have a lot of competition, so, in order to beat all of them, we will help you with our tips, tricks, and cheats.

Complete As Many Achievements As You Can

Sure, this tip sounds a bit silly, but you would be surprised how many people decides to ignore the importance of achievements. That’s why you should go straight ahead to the achievements and read carefully what you need to do in order to get them. You might think that they aren’t that important when you’re just starting to play the game, but trust me, they are. Just by completing some mediocre tasks, you can get awesome rewards which will be very useful later on. Some of those rewards are coins, that are necessary for buying players, packs, etc.

NBA Live Mobile

Assemble Your Perfect Team

I’ll admit it, you won’t be able to get the best players as soon as you start playing, but, hey, you have to start somewhere, right ? Buying, selling and creating your team is extremely entertaining and a bit addictive, but, when you’re the beginner, this can get pretty confusing, especially if you haven’t played this kind of game before.

When we’re talking about assembling a team, the best tip we can give you is that you don’t sell any players or try to complete a set. Instead, you should go shopping and get as many players as you can. At first, those players will be cheap 65 overalls, but don’t worry, everyone’s team was bad when they started. Also, it would be a good thing for you to visit auction house regularly, because you could get some good deals and even profit.

Finish The Season / Learn The Moves

One of the easiest ways to get those achievements we talked about earlier is to finish the regular season. But, achievements aren’t the only thing you will get, there are also coins, which are, as we stated in the first tip, very important. You might find season boring at first because you will be a bit weak, and the other teams will give you a lot of trouble, but, it will pay off eventually.

Our third and fourth tip are pretty connected, so we decided to assemble them into one tip. The reason for this might be obvious, but for those of you who are still confused, here’s the explanation. We said that you should go through the season because you get coins and achievements, but there’s also one another, probably equally important reason, and that’s developing skill.

You have to agree with me that moves are what separates average from elite player both in real life and the game. This is why you should play a season before you face more challenging opponents. This game doesn’t offer that much variety when it comes to the moves, but, still, they need to be mastered if you want to have any chance for a victory. Some of the most efficient and interesting moves are behind-the-back, fade away and of course, spin-move.

NBA Live Mobile


Like we said in the last tip, completing the season is essential, but, it’s also kinda boring. That’s when this amazing feature comes in handy. For all of you that don’t understand what is this feature all about, it’s basically giving you the possibility to let the computer play instead of you. So, if you’re playing a season game and you suddenly remember you have to finish something quickly or you just have to take a rest, you can simply use this feature without any problem.

Forza Horizon 3: How to Get Ahead of Other Players

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Tips 1. Unlock all skill boosting perks before anything else

Forza Horizon 3In Foriza Horizon 3, you’ll gain skill points as you whizz around in races and in free roam for doing various stunts like drifts, jumps and near misses. These skill points rack up to earn you unlockable perks in three separate skill trees. Some of these perks give you boosts to your skills – i.e. every drift earns you an extra 10%, and so on. Prioritise unlocking these before anything else, and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards.

Tips 2. Listen to classical music for ultimate skill songs

Forza Horizon 3When you listen to any of the main radio stations in Forza Horizon 3, every so often you’ll come across a “Skill Song”. Whilst that song is playing, you’ll net a x2 bonus to all skill points (meaning you can have a multiplier of x10, rather than the standard cap of x5). On the classical music channel, we’ve had skill songs that are 10 minutes long. That’s some epic skill combos you can be earning.

Tips 3. Unlock the Ariel Nomad as soon as possible

Forza Horizon 3The Ariel Nomad is an off-road buggy. It may not be as fancy to look at as your Lamborghini Aventador, but boy, is it fun to drive. You’ll get an option fairly early on to receive the car as a freebie (or you can purchase it beforehand). We highly recommend getting the Nomad as soon as possible; it handles off road terrain at fast speeds better than anything else we tried so gives you the perfect chance to reap some great skill combos.

Tips 4. Ruin a farmer’s crop for an epic skill chain

Forza Horizon 3There are plenty of corn and crop fields dotted throughout the more rural areas of Forza Horizon 3 that can be used to get some ludicrously high skill point chains. Plow through them like a mentalist – and throw in a few drifts as you go – to see that skill chain soar. Luckily, there are no farmers around to get pissed at you for destroying their livelihood.

Tips 5. Don’t worry about earning 3 stars on challenges

Forza Horizon 3Dotted around the map are plenty of “PR Stunts”; speed camera challenges, drift challenges, jump challenges. In each of these your performance is rated out of 3 stars. Don’t worry too much early on about netting those prestigious 3-star rewards. As you progress through your career, higher star ratings will net you a greater fan boost, so save the high score chasing for later.

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How to Make FIFA 17 Coins When Competing in FUT

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Do you want to make lots of FIFA coins and buy all the best players cards for your dream team? will share you the best FIFA 17 trading guides and tips to earn FIFA 17 coins. Making FUT 17 Coins will enable you to build better squads and help you get the most out of the fut game mode. well today you will know how to make FIFA 17 coins when starting FUT for beginner.

The Sooner Start Playing, The Bigger Chances of being successful.
We known the market will be very unstable in the beginning of game, if you know what you are doing, this is the best time to make great deals. It’s just a question of knowing how to identify the opportunities and being able to predict how the market is going to develop.

FUT Bin help you study the market
If you want to make many coins, you will have to take time to study the market. The market is somewhat predictable. You’ll have to study it to start recognizing a price that is below the balanced price and to predict the price that the demand is willing to offer. FUTBin is your best tool to help you invest the players, which gives you the lower BIN for each card. Do not forget that prices are always changing.

EASFC catalogue and Full Transfer List
The first thing to do is to redeem the EAS FC catalogue items to improve the size of your transfer list. Keep your transafer list full, the more cards you have for sle, more you will sell and more profit you will get. And remember adjust your prices according to your sales, if you are selling to fast, it’s because you can increase the price a bit more. If you can’t sell, then it’s because you need to reduce the price.

Increase your players cards visibility – 1 hour and relist
The more visibility your cards, the more profit you will get.
Most players, when searching in the market, don’t go beyond the 60 minutes page. For that reason, you should try to have your cards available the higher time possible between the first hour auctions. To do that, you just need to list them for an hour and re-list them for another hour when the auction expires. When it’s not possible, you should define the auction duration according to the time you’ll be away. For example, if you’re going to sleep, define the duration to 6 hours. Doing that you’ll make the cards stay available for a bigger amount of time on the market and you’ll be able to renew them when you wake up.

Get ride of useless cards
When starting FUT 17 you will have many of useless cards that no one wants to buy. Quick selling them is an option but before that you can try a simply trick: put them on auction with a 150c start price and a 200c buy now price.
You will see that you will sell much more cards and a few of them for the BIN price. Although, you should always check if it’s best to have these cards on auction or if you should just discard them in order to spare space on your transfer list for other cards that might give you bigger profits.

Investing Popular Players during FUT Webstart/ EA Access
What constitutes a popular player? In our opinion you need to mainly focus on the player’s league, individual attributes for their position (especially pace), skill moves and weak foot. Before the official release, popular players will rise in price by the biggest margin as other players will want them for their teams. When demand increases at a greater rate than supply, prices go up.

Invest in good preformances players
Although price ranges have limited the upside of investing in player performance, it will remain as one of the best FIFA 17 trading tips for quick profits! It has always been very lucrative for us. It requires that you watch real-world football and quickly invest in players that are playing well (assuming they are not already inflated). A hype bubble usually occurs during the game, where the player peaks inside 90 minutes. Although the player will often remain inflated after the game, the greatest profits can be made inside 90 minutes. Monitor the market and sell at a time you feel optimal, 1 goal sometimes doesn’t drastically increase his price, but hype definitely will.

Focus on quick profits to earn fifa 17 coins
Unless you are sure prices are rising, such as investing in popular players during Webstart / EA Access up until the official worldwide release (assuming you get them at a decent price), it’s always worth focusing on quick profits. We’re big fans of mass bidding, BIN sniping, 59th minute (while there’s little competition), and finding rare silvers. All of these methods focus on turning over quick profits. Most importantly, there is zero risk attached.
Mass bidding – Finding a profitable price and sticking a max bid on as many of that player as possible up until 1 hour. You will lose many, but you should win several.
59th minute – Scroll to the 59th minute of listings after using the filters and look to find bargain buy now listings. 1 hour is the most popular listing cycle and hence where most bargains will appear.
BIN sniping – Rapidly adjust the price filters at a profitable buy now until an item is listed. Buy it instantly or someone else will.

Experiment with the market filters
Every good trader knows how to use filters efficiently. They are more important in the first days after the game’s release date because there are more people selling cards below their normal price. Experimenting with transfer market filters is one of the best FIFA 17 trading tips out there as it can open up a lot of new methods. We’ve had a lot of success here, especially tweaking the prices, quality and league. Doing so can help return quality players than are selling cheap on a buy now or bid and go completely under the radar (more so during unpopular trading times). We’ve previously filtered our buy now max price to 300 coins, quality to silver and league to Barclays PL, helping us find many popular silver players with favourable stats. Lots will make you the easiest 100-150 coins you’ve made all day. We also had success bidding. All we did was remove the max buy now filter and replace it with a max bid price of 300 coins.
Other filters include quality to silver and max bid price to 400 coins / min buy now at 750. This generally returns better silvers, listed cheaply with often great stats. Again, look out for pace, skill moves, weak foot etc. Lastly we’ve also had success when setting our min bid price to 4,000, max buy now to 5,000 and quality to Silver. This will display plenty of overpriced players, but also many rare silvers which sell for in excess of 5k.

Spot players at 100% of their PRP
PRP means Price Range Percentage. If a players price ranges is 0-10k in FIFA 17 and he sells for 7.5k he’s at 75% of his PRP. Although EA will adjust price ranges fairly quickly, if you see a player at 100%, scan the market and see if you can purchase one. When price ranges are adjusted he will be selling for significantly more.

Position change or chemistry style players
This FIFA 17 coin making method will work well when the game has been released as more users will be changing a player’s position and chemistry style. The logic is to find a player in a popular position or chemistry style which sells for his basic price. Lots of players forget to account for the additional cost of the player’s position or chemistry style. BIN sniping or checking through auctions on bid will be your best method of obtaining players here.

Investing in featured tournament requirements
Tournaments towards the start of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team are going to be extremely popular. Everyone will be looking for a chance at boosting their coin totals and building a new squad. Featured tournaments present the perfect opportunity to take advantage of increasing player demand and hence make for one of the best FIFA 17 trading tips. Often, specific featured tournament requirements will specify players from a certain league, nation or type. Find the most popular players which fit the requirements and buy them as close to the announcement as possible. Players can easily double in price here (even before the tournament has started). Stock up before others get on the band wagon.

Scare other players off your auctions
When at item appears to have a lot of competition, it will often deter other buyers. This works more effectively during unpopular FIFA 17 trading times. If someone else is bidding, stick in a bid followed by another quick bid or two. This can deter the other buyer/s as they may assume the item will be bid up over the next few minutes.

Start by investing in low risk cards
For your first investments after the game release, we recommend your first cards to cost between 150 and 300 coins that you can sell with a profit of about 50%. The risk is really low and you will be avoiding the price ranges restrictions.
Remember that it’s very important never to have coins or cards on hold. Keep buying and selling several of these cards, to generate profit all the time.

Top Offensive Playbooks – Madden NFL 18

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How to defend in Madden NFL 18 has been plagued by the majority of players, and whether it is the game or the reality, defense is always the most important part. I believe a lot of players who have just come into contact with the game will often be unable to prevent their opponent, Be cast a variety of fireballs in the face, or be swayed to the ground to only watch others shooting. like the real football, NFL 18 defensive ideas and skills is definitely a science which you need to complete a lot of thinking in the game. many gamers must choose formation and plays carefully if they want to win the game. today, the best offensive and defensive script is given to improve your game, You can choose a style that works for you and create a perfect effect.

Madden 18

Best Offensive Playbook
If you want to improve your Offensive game in MUT then here are the must try playbooks that will suit your players. The playstyle has an important role, so it will take the time to pull a big offensive strategy. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Best Offensive Playbook you need to have.

New England Patriots
Styles: Short Pass, Long Pass
Key Run Set: Singleback Tight Slots
Key Pass Set: Gun Split Close Pats

Philadelphia Eagles
Styles: Speed Run, Short Pass
Key Run Set: Gun Ace, Twins Offset
Key Pass Set: Gun Flip Trip Eaglet

Miami Dolphins
Styles: Speed Run, Short Pass
Key Run Set: Singleback Wing Trips Open
Key Pass Set: Gun Bunch Open Offset

New York Giants
Styles: Long Pass, Speed Run
Key Run Set: Singleback Ace
Key Pass Set: Gun Trio Offset

Seattle Seahawks
Styles: Ground and Pound, Short Pass
Key Run Set: Gun Doubles Wing Offset
Key Pass Set: Gun Wing Offset WK

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