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Madden 18: How to Use Target Passing Like a Pro

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Madden 18 introduces a new feature to the game called Target Passing for those players that want a little more control over where they throw the ball.  The new feature adds an additional layer of challenge to the Madden 18 gameplay but it’s also an optional gameplay mechanic.

Players that use Target Passing in Madden 18 correctly will be able to squeeze passes into smaller areas by using the correct timing during wide reciever routes.  Target Passing is a hard mechanic to master but it might give you a leg up on the competition when it comes to online play.


So here’s how you use Target Passing in Madden 18.  First of all you have to be on offense to use Target Passing, and prior to the play you’ll need to decide on a primary reciever in the coaching camera.  You can access the coach camera prior to an offensive play by pressing R2 on PlayStation and RT on Xbox One.  In this mode all of your recievers will be listed with corresponding buttons.  At this point you can see both the routes your recievers will run and a corresponding button.  Selecting one of them will allow you to make them your primary reciever.

All of this must be done before you snap the ball.  Once you do snap the ball you’ll need to use the LT or L2 button to use Target Passing in the game.  You’ll notice a green Target Passing icon that can be controlled on the field which allows you to aim your passes into areas where defenders aren’t.  An orange icon will show you where you’re supposed to deliver the ball and ideally you’ll want to line the green and orange icons up.  That said, if there’s a defender near the orange icon you’ll want to deliver the ball at a different spot.

Setting up a primary reciever is helpful but entirely necessary.  So long as you are pressing the LT or L2 button you can switch Target Passing to any reciever on the field and the mechanics stay the same.  You’ll get a moveable icon that allows you lead your reciever, though it can get a little hectic.

Target Passing is much harder than the normal passing of Madden 18 and requires a good bit of practice as the game moves at a pretty fast pace.  Using target passing can lead to things like Quarterback sacks and interceptions when learning the ropes.

With the Madden 18 Most Feared event now having launched, we can confirm that Most Feared solo challenges are back once again for the game. Please stay tuned for that sell cheap madden 18 coins as there might be solo challenges released soon.

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NHL 18 Guide – Earning Coins Quickly, Ultimate Team and Dekes

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The most under-the-radar of all EA Sports franchises, NHL has nonetheless been making a name for itself over the last few years due to the sheer depth of content that it offers- so much, in fact, that it can get entirely overwhelming for new players and veterans alike. Add to this the fact that, like all sports simulation games, the mechanics and nuances of NHL 18 can be hard to follow for people on the outside, and you can understand why there might be some needing help.

If that includes you, then you have come to the right place! In this guide, we cover basic tips and tricks, top rated players, earning a lot of coins in the game, a basic guide to the Ultimate Team mode, and a guide to some of the Achievements and Trophies in the game. Okay? So let’s get started!



• First things first- the game has an unusual control scheme. If you decide you want to play it, spend some time getting used to it, possibly by playing some matches on a lower AI difficulty.
• Passing is paramount- don’t just hold the puck to yourself, or to one player- pass it around so that it is harder for it to be intercepted
• Use the opposing team to your advantage- take advantage of weak points in their formation, leverage their goalkeeper and defenses for rebounds, and do whatever is necessary to gain an upper hand
•Don’t just play offensively! Sometimes, retreat or defensive plays can net you some points in the long run. Be smart about how you play
• If you play as a goalkeeper, the L2 button is your friend. It will help you line up more precise shots.

Make sure to check out the video below to get some better strategies for performing better at the game, as well.


Dekes have changed substantially in NHL 18, thanks to the franchise’s drive to be ever more realistic and nuanced. This can entail everything, from altered controls for existing dekes to brand new kinds entirely- in the video below, you will find tutorials for every kind of deke in the game. Good luck!


Every EA Sports game has its own variant of the Ultimate Team mode that was pioneered in FIFA. And so does NHL. If you’re a series veteran, or indeed, if you have played any sports game at all in the last five years, you already know what Ultimate Team is, and what it does. If not… well, here’s a quick primer:

• Hockey Ultimate Team lets you build your own fantasy team from players around the world
• Hockey Ultimate Team has a Synergy mechanic- Synergies can either be Players based (so only for players who share a certain trait) or team based (for the entire team). When in effect, they enhance the performance of everyone
• Completing team sets in the game unlock fan favorite players called HUT Heroes
• HUT Legends are even better players you can gain by opening packs, or through the auction house
• Completing sets, participating in competitive seasons, completing Challenges, and opening packs net you new cards, which you can use to build or boost your team, depending on if you get a player card, or if you get an item card
• Booster packs can either be bought with currency earned in game, or with real world money
• Hockey Ultimate Team involves a larger metagame of trying to get higher rated players on your team, as well as using items that can help you gain advantages in games
• Hockey Ultimate Team has multiple different modes you can play- offline matches, online games, competitive seasons, and Challenges.


Coins are the currency in NHL 18– ordinarily, you ave to grind for these in game, or you can buy them with real world money. That said, there appear to be certain cheats  in game that you can leverage to earn more coins: please keep in mind that these may be patched out at any time. So just because they work now, does not mean that they will work forever.

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Madden NFL 18 PlayStation 4 Review: Storming The Field

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It’s weird how some things work. For years, Madden fans have been complaining that their beloved football series hasn’t been doing enough to distinguish from each entry, with only small tweaks to the game — a few working for the better, some not. However, Madden NFL 18 couldn’t feel any more different. I mean, it’s still video game soccer, and those of you who have gotten accustomed to the nuances that this series includes can still take advantage of this. But some new features make it feel like a more complete and rewarding game than we have seen in prior years. So, yeah, fans, you are able to hush up now.

What actually makes this year’s game stand out is the Longshot mode. Like the narrative mode that followed FIFA this past year, this really is a single-player focused mode where you try to take a prospect via the possibility of becoming a soccer player, while managing friends and other choices that could make or break his career. Even though most of the events surround quick-time style play instead of taking to the area, you truly develop feelings for the characters, thanks to topnotch acting which resembles almost a movie-making like quality. It might not be the most action-packed mode Madden has ever seen, but it’s engrossing and, what’s more, in-depth.

Ultimate Team Mode continues to be a flourishing characteristic for your Madden collection, as players earn new cards over the duration of the match, level up correctly, acquire upgrades and finally attempt to build a better group for themselves. That doesn’t always guarantee success — some things simply don’t work as they should, especially against harder opponents — but it does keep you pushing. Again, it provides depth, and that’s the type of thing which will keep players grinding. That is, if they don’t feel frustrated with the procedure. But, fortunately, most Madden players do not.


Multiplayer’s Where It’s At, But Longshot Is Great, Too

There is also 3v3 co-op MUT squad service, which makes things interesting in a cooperative type of way. Working together as a group provides a surprising new factor to the game, as we have been so utilized to only competing against our buddies. It likely will take a while to get everyone coordinated so they are not running all over the area, but after everything falls into place, it’s a thing of beauty.

CFM is still a mode that carries over most of its content from prior seasons, but it continues to be the best thing around for die-hard football fans, since you can perform scouting and drafting for new gamers, in addition to hunting the free agent market like a boss. You also have to balance other aspects, such as keeping an eye on accidents, watching out for players that take drama to the next level (yep, they’re out there — sigh) and adjusting contracts. It’s a bit technical, but a must if you insist that they are masters of their management terrain.

Now let us get to what really matters with a game such as this — the actual gameplay. Because a soccer game could have all the characteristics in the world, but if it doesn’t play like a football game, what is the purpose? Fortunately, Madden NFL 18 handles very well on this level.

Passing And Running (And Defense)

First up, it is good to see how things match up offensively and defensively. No matter what side you’re on, there are loads of approaches to try and take advantage of, whether it’s finding an opening to get a sack or making sure that a defensive man is in the right place. It may take a bit of practice if you’re not accustomed to it, but I had no problem lining up players, switching up to an ideal one, and searching for this opening.

For that matter, the running game has seen some progress. It seems a little smoother this time around, with jukes and spins coming off a bit more naturally. And, yes, every time I’m close an end zone, I still jump in, just because I’m so elated to reach the damn thing in the first location.

There is also a strong passing game, even though it still isn’t quite where it could be because of the management of an extra cursor. Needing to keep tabs on your goal can be a little tough at times, particularly against a hasty MUT competition, but once you obtain your throws off, you might realize you could land nearly all of them with ease — provided you do not get intercepted, of course. (Again, they’re out there.)

Wrapping It All Up

With this in consequence, the football does seem a bit more realistic, and there’s a terrific use of colour and player versions, especially after you nail a large handle. It is not perfect, however, as there are occasional frame rate stutters and weird-looking players out there. In general, though, it’s still fairly easy, and definitely something to build upon for future games.

The audio isn’t bad. The music selections are pretty good; the audience noise is about as strong as you could expect it to be; along with the running commentary is not too bad, save for some mild incorrect facts. And, hey, it is great to see Madden back into his own game.

More news that may be released for Madden 18 should be made available in the near future. Follow on Facebook and Twitter and look for the news page for the latest Madden 18 news. Also, you can find some discount information for cheap madden nfl 18 coins.

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FIFA 18 Tips, Guide, Controls, and New Features Explained

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FIFA 18 is officially here, and with it comes a series of tweaks, changes, and the odd new feature, too.

Here on our main FIFA 18 guide hub page, we’ll take you through all of FIFA 18’s new features, plus provide plenty of general FIFA 18 tips for players of all levels, and gather together links to all of our more detailed guides to specific parts of the game.

Below is the collection of our in-depth guides for FIFA 18. Watch this space as time goes by, as well be continuously adding plenty more guides once we spend more time with the game.


FIFA 18 tips

Those fairly minor new features aside, FIFA 18 still differs subtly from prior versions in a number of ways, with a slightly different feel to gameplay, tweaks to the UI, and more.

For returning fans who’ve been playing FIFA 17 right up until 18’s launch, or newcomers who’ve been away from the game for a while, there’s plenty to bear in mind, so here are a few general tips to get you back in the game as quickly as possible:

FIFA 18 tips:

Vary your passing – FIFA is becoming more and more a case of space-management – that was already true last year in FIFA 17 – by which we mean the practice of drawing the opponent out of position and creating space for you to progress. Mastering the art of opening up the pitch for yourself is becoming more and more essential, and the best way to do so is with varied passing: a couple short, simple balls into feet at the back, followed by a big switch with the driven pass (R1/RB + Pass), driven lob (R1/RB + Lobbed Pass), standard long ball or maybe even a swanky threaded through ball (R1/RB + Through Ball) will swiftly open up the pitch for you. Keep an eye on your rader for those off-screen Paul Scholes wonderballs!

Practice your skill moves – We know, practising skills in FIFA is arduous work, but it’ll pay off for you big time in the long run. Turn the difficulty right down and play several games against the computer for the best way to practice against opposition players. We recommend mastering the dummy shot (quickly tap Shoot then Pass buttons) for beginners, before moving onto the more complex stuff. It works wonders against ‘headless chicken’ ball chasers (like us) who you’ll find online, although the computer’s inhuman reactions are a little too good to be fooled at higher levels.

Pace feels nicely balanced – Believe it or not, for once pace feels pretty good in FIFA, with 18 featuring a tweaked system where Acceleration and Sprint Speed feel quite distinct. Players will take time to ramp up to their top speed, pace vs. strength battles tend to play out more in line with your expectations, and there’s still some meaningful ‘counterplay’ for slower players through containing and positioning.

Tackling is out, ‘containing’ is in – Tackling is arguably the hardest it’s been in FIFA 18. While the AI will apparently be able to tackle you from just about any angle they see fit, controlling tackling manually out here in the human world is much harder. It takes a moment for your player to start their standing tackle, while slide tackle’s are as weak as they were last year – and the new Hard Tackle is almost totally pointless unless you intentionally want to clatter someone behind for a foul.

Interceptions happen less often – We’re noticing far fewer inteceptions from players in situations where you would expect them to make one. Your positioning has to be absolutely spot on for you to intercept a pass. We’ve seen ballsa fizzing by quality holding midfielders that are well within reach, so beware the drilled pass in FIFA 18!

Finesse Shots are back – There’s always one type of shot that’s in vogue every year, and this time it seems to be Finess Shots. They’re not quite as bad as being ‘overpowered’, but we’ve definitely had some luck using them in one-on-ones, more so than any other shot type so far.

FIFA 18 new gameplay and controls features:

Quick Subs – set up quick subs in Team Management before a game, and you can then hold down R2/RT during a break in play to bring up a Quick Sub suggestion, and X/A to accept.
Modified Crossing controls – You can now use R1 / RB to perform a high, floated cross, and double-tap to perform a low, whipped cross.
Hard Tackle – Press Triangle/Y to perform a standing Hard Tackle, which has your player attempt to get ball regardless of what’s in front of them (this normally results in a foul).
Jogging/Slow Dribbling tweaks – Jog/slow dribble now more useful, with good dribblers able to start animations faster. You can slowly dribble to work some space, then burst into it with speed, like Ronaldo or Messi would, if you have good enough dribblers on your team.
Set Piece tweaks – only minor changes to set pieces are in FIFA 18, but penalties are the main beneficiary, with them now working in a more ‘point and shoot’ fashion, and goalkeepers no longer jankily flopping over the top of a daisy cutter trickling into the goal.

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NBA Live May Return in 2017 after all, Ratings Board Suggests

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A listing with South Korea’s games-rating board indicates NBA Live is in fact coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this year. The series’ fate on consoles had been questioned since Electronic Arts announced it would miss the traditional October launch for NBA games.

As spotted by Bryan Wiedey of PastaPadre, Electronic Arts has gotten a classification from South Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee for The Drive to NBA Live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


NBA Live, which launched in 2013, 2014 and 2015, skipped the traditional October launch window for licensed basketball simulations. In May, after EA announced Live wouldn’t launch in 2016, many speculated that, if the game returned, it would be as a downloadable title sometime around the NBA All-Star game, which is Sunday, Feb. 19 in New Orleans.

Reached by Polygon, an EA Sports representative declined to comment on the label’s plans for NBA Live.

Since returning with the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, NBA Live has been a distant second to 2K Sports’ powerhouse NBA 2K series. NBA Live Mobile, however, has done well for Electronic Arts, and on consoles it is yet another platform through which EA Sports can offer its lucrative Ultimate Team suite of fantasy-sports-and-card-collection games. What exactly The Drive to NBA Live entails remains to be seen, however. In May, the last full edition of the game, NBA Live 16, was put into the EA Access vault of games available to subscribers of the premium service.

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NBA 2K18’s Stunning Experience And Two Highly Appreciated Modes

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Today, we will discuss about NBA 2K18’s two modes, MyCareer mode and MyGM mode. If you haven’t played MyCareer mode, each year, this mode showcases a new surrounding your created character as they enter the NBA. When it comes to MyGM, for people that want to build their own super team, MyGM is still the normal franchise mode, however, it features a story surrounding your created character as a GM on a team of your choice. Focus on knowing more the latest news and guides about NBA 2K18? Keep your eyes on our site.


NBA 2K18’s MyCareer has undergone a lot of changes since it was first implemented. the most biggest highlights for MyCareer is The Neighborhood, an open world central hub where everything for your player to do exists. The MyCareer mode has always been an RPG game at heart with grinding, this mode will helps players live out dream of being an NBA star, hence, MyCareer is a fun and appealing mode.

MyGM mode is one of the most insane experiences 2K has ever put out. The gameplay is just like any other franchise mode that has ever been released. Pick a team, keep players happy and try to build the perfect roster to win a championship. MyGM let’s you, for the most part, have the experience you want. But, you need to know that wonderful experience are also require to buy Virtual Currency such as NBA 2K18 MT.

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Madden 18 Player Ratings, Best Team, Best Offense Players

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Madden 18 is finally here, right in time for the NFL 2017/18 season to kick off. We’ve got the full Madden 18 player ratings for you right here, so you don’t need to worry about scrolling through endless in-game menus.

If you need any other information on the game whatsoever, head over to our Madden 18 everything we know guide, where you can find all the info you need on the release date, new features, and brand new story mode of Madden 18.


Madden 18 Player Ratings Guide

This Madden 18 Player Ratings guide hub will act as a source of knowledge not just on Madden 18 player ratings, but also on the game in general. This guide will contain information on the best Madden 18 players, as well as providing information on the best teams and individual players to be on the lookout for, as soon as you get your hands on the game.

Below, you’ll find the complete list of our Madden 18 player ratings, each sorted by position. We’ve selected the best few players at every position around the field, so you know who the top quarterbacks, running backs, and other players are in Madden 18.

Madden 18 Best Offensive Players

Here’s the most ideal lineup we could come up with, on the offensive side of the ball. Madden 18 is rife with dominating receivers and agile quarterbacks, although it is arguably lacking in a variety of solid tight ends. These are the best Madden offensive players you need in your Madden 18 team.

QB: Tom Brady – With 5 Super Bowl rings behind him, there’s no doubt that Tom Brady is just about the best QB in the NFL right now. You might opt for Aaron Rodgers if you prefer a slightly more nimble QB, Brady is second to none for pure accuracy and power.
HB: Le’Veon Bell – Right now, Le’Veon Bell has to be the number 1 running back in Madden 18, combining power and trucking ability with precision and agility. This may of course change once Marshawn Lynch’s ratings are eventually revealed, but right now Le’Veon Bell is the no-brainer.
WR 1: Julio Jones – WR 1 typically requires a bigger, stronger receiver, able to go up and get contested balls midair with defenders all around. Julio Jones fits this mould perfectly, ticking every box on the list, and providing a more physical option than the likes of Antonio Brown.
WR 2: Antonio Brown – Brown is the logical option here, boasting a terrific speed rating with solid catching abilities. Brown and Julio Jones are honestly fairly interchangeable in these roles, but we’d prefer Antonio Brown as WR 2 mainly due to his superior agility.
WR 3: Odell Beckham Jr. – For the slot receiver role, Beckham fits perfectly, able to quickly cut past defenders while also boasting some insane catching skills. Again, Antonio Brown could easily fit into the WR 3 role, but Beckham is preferable due to his slightly superior acceleration.
TE: Rob Gronkowski – Because who else were we going to choose for the number 1 tight end in the league right now. Gronkowski is second to none at the TE position, able to catch virtually any ball thrown in his direction, while also putting up a solid fight when needing to block.

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FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream FUT REVEAL

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FIFA 18 could be set to announce a brand new in-game event later today as EA Sports looks to bring back last years popular Halloween themed Ultimate Scream team.

For anyone who can’t remember Ultimate Scream cards were available in packs and features player cards with some seriously scary stats boosts.

EA Sports explained that last year they chose the Ultimate Scream Team of 23 players “based on exceptional real-world performances, records and FUT attributes.”

But whether that means they’ll be basing them on the season so far or just this last weeks round of European and lower league games we don’t know.

However, keep reading for more info, including when FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream starts and how you can get your hands on the special Ultimate Scream cards in FIFA 18.


When Does FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream Start?

The FIFA 17 Ultimate Scream started last year on Friday Oct 21st 10am PDT lasting until Oct 28th 10am PDT with the “terrifying temporary stats boosts” starting Oct 28th 10am PDT until Nov 1st 10am PDT. So we would expect to hear something from EA Sports either TODAY or tomorrow afternoon. Though we would expect to see some sort of announcement before the Player Cards become available.

How to get FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream Player Cards

FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream cards are available like any set of promotional TOTW, Hero cards in the game. You’ll only be able to get them in card packs up until when the Halloween weekend starts. Obviously you’ll also be able to acquire a special Ultimate Scream player from the in-game transfer market, but we’d caution against over spending given that there’s likely better cards worth spending your cash on in the weeks and months ahead.

This follows on from the yesterday’s FIFA 18 TOTW reveal which is now live in the game on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. The starting XI this week features FOUR Premier League players including Manchester City duo Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus, as well as places for Manchester United keeper David De Gea and Wilfried Zaha after his winning goal against Chelsea.

Keep reading to discover the full squad and take a look at their upgraded stats in the gallery below:

FIFA 18 TOTW 5 Starting XI

GK: David De Gea – Manchester United – 91
LB: Frank Fabra – Boca Juniors – 81
CB: Alexey Berezutskiy – CSKA Moscou – 82
RB: Joshua Kimmich – Bayern Münich – 86
CM: Thiago – Bayern Münich – 89
CAM: Nabil Fekir – Olympique Lyonnais – 84
CAM: Fernando Belluschi – San Lorenzo de Almagro – 83
RW: Raheem Sterling – Manchester City – 84
ST: Gabriel Jesus – Manchester City – 84
ST: Mauro Icardi – Inter – 86
ST: Ciro Immobile – Lazio – 84



GK: Benjamin Lecomte – Montpellier HSC – 83
CB: Aritz Elustondo – Real Sociedad – 82
RM: Romain Alessandrini – Los Angeles Galaxy – 82
CAM: Gastón Pereiro – PSV – 81
ST: Wilfried Zaha – Crystal Palace – 84
ST: Iago Aspas – Celta Vigo – 85
ST: Omar Al Soma – Al Ahli – 82


GK: Thomas Strakosha – Lazio – 80
CM: Luke Berry – Luton Town – 75
ST: Jay Bothroyd – Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo – 76
ST: Marvin Ducksch – Holstein Kiel – 76
ST: Sven Michel – SC Paderborn 07 – 76

How do you think the FIFA 18 Ratings of these players? Will you prepare some FIFA 18 Coins to sign them for your FUT team? Welcome to to get cheap FIFA 18 Coins.

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The 30 Best NBA Players According to NBA 2K18

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The 2017-18 NBA season tips off Tuesday night in Cleveland with a must-watch showdown between the Cavaliers and Celtics, where five of the top 30 players in the league will be on the floor – according to NBA 2K18, at least.

Players around the league take their overall rating in the annual series very, very seriously. There’s been a massive shift near the top of 2K18’s ratings list this year with an infusion of young talent, along with the downfall of some of the league’s most established stars (sorry, Carmelo).

Our list begins with a six-way tie for 25th.

T25. Kevin Love (87 overall)

T25. Blake Griffin (87 overall)


Griffin was only the second highest-rated Clipper a season ago, but with Chris Paul’s departure to Houston and the Lakers’ failure to snag Paul George, Griffin’s now the best player in the city of Los Angeles.

T25. Paul Millsap (87 overall)

T25. Bradley Beal (87 overall)

T25. DeAndre Jordan (87 overall)

T25. Hassan Whiteside (87 overall)

T21. Draymond Green (88 overall)


T21. Nikola Jokic (88 overall)

T21. Rudy Gobert (88 overall)

T21. Gordon Hayward (88 overall)

T17. Isaiah Thomas (89 overall)


T17. Damian Lillard (89 overall)

T17. Marc Gasol (89 overall)

T17. DeMar DeRozan (89 overall)


T13. John Wall (90 overall)

T13. Kyrie Irving (90 overall)


T13. Klay Thompson (90 overall)

T13. Jimmy Butler (90 overall)


T9. Paul George (91 overall)

T9. Giannis Antetokounmpo (91 overall)

T9. Karl-Anthony Towns (91 overall)

T9. Chris Paul (91 overall)

Paul missed 21 games last season and his stats dipped slightly, but he kept his 91 overall from 2K17. Two other Banana Boaters – Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony – dropped out of the top 30 entirely in 2K18.

8. DeMarcus Cousins (92 overall)

T5. Anthony Davis (94 overall)


T5. Russell Westbrook (94 overall)

T5. Stephen Curry (94 overall)


T3. James Harden (95 overall)

T3. Kawhi Leonard (95 overall)

2. Kevin Durant (96 overall)

Durant was ranked No. 3 last year, behind James and Stephen Curry – but he made it clear in the NBA Finals who the top player Golden State really is.

1. LeBron James (97 overall)


The king stays the king. LeBron keeps his No. 1 spot from 2K17, and his overall rating even got a one-point boost from 96 a year ago.

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Madden 18 Ultimate Team MUT Heroes Guide

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MUT might just be the biggest mode in Madden 18, which is why we’ve put together this guide on earning coins and other items as quickly as possible.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team has just added the brand new MUT Heroes feature, giving you yet more collections to complete for the vast Ultimate Team mode. In this MUT Heroes guide, we’ll be walking you through how to find MUT Sidekicks, as well as how to then take these Sidekick players and upgrade them to the MUT Ultimate Hero player cards.

But if you instead need anything else to do with Madden 18, including general tips and tricks on this iteration of the sports sim, as well as all the best offensive and defensive playbooks in the game, head over to our website.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team MUT Heroes Guide

When you first head into the MUT Heroes upgrade sets from the Madden 18 Ultimate Team menu, you’ll come to the screen below, where you can find one collection per NFL team.


If you select one of the upgrade sets, for example the Chicago Bears, you’ll come to the screen just below, which tasks you with putting together one Elite Token, one Jordan Howard Wildcard player, and a total of 24 MUT Sidekick players, all of which have to have at least an OVR rating of 80.


The MUT Heroes cards are all at an overall rating of 91, meaning they’ll give any team an immediate upgrade at any position on the field. On top of this, each MUT Heroes player boasts an elite statistic, for example the Jordan Howard card has a Carrying rating of 95, and the Andrew Luck card has a Throw on the Run rating of 94.

First of all, if you want to collect any of the MUT Hero cards you’re going to need to get your hands on an Elite Token, so head over to our MUT Upgrade Sets guide if you need help on obtaining one.

Secondly, you’ll want the Wildcard 85 OVR version of the player you want to transform into the MUT Ultimate Hero version, and for this, you’ll have to trade in at least five 80 OVR MUT Sidekick players, to earn a single 85 OVR Wildcard player. Unfortunately, the Wildcard player that you earn is randomised, so you’ll have to keep repeating the Sidekicks To Hero Upgrade set at the top of the MUT Heroes section, and see which Wildcard players the game gives you.

Madden 18 MUT Sidekick Players

Finally, you’ll need to amass a total of 24 MUT Sidekick players, all of which are at least 80 OVR> To do this, you can either head into the MUT auction house and place a bid on a card, or you’ll have to tear through MUT packs, and try your luck at finding some MUT Sidekick players within.

As we said above, every MUT Ultimate Hero player has an overall rating of 91, so it seems like, for the moment at least, as though these MUT Heroes upgrade sets are well worth the effort.

Madden NFL 18 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One. Stay in the conversation by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. We will offer more news for madden 18 updates. More Madden NFL 18 Coins at