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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has released an update tweaking the drop rate for Bunny Day eggs

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A light is appearing at the end of the bright, pastel tunnel for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players, as Nintendo has announced that it’s finally fixing its horrible Bunny Day egg problem. The seasonal Easter-themed event has been both a fun quarantine distraction and a cutely painted nightmare for the Animal Crossing playerbase, and this highly requested update is right on time.

Bunny Day has been an interesting experiment for future holiday updates in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, introducing a plethora of cute furniture and clothing items that can be crafted from painted eggs chopped from trees, fished from waters, and dropped out of the sky via balloon. If Animal Crossing: New Horizons got anything perfectly right on release, it was its masterfully tuned pace of gameplay, giving players just the right amount of shells, creatures, and trinkets to collect while going about their days. Since it was rolled out, players have been frustrated with how the Bunny Day event broke that balance by replacing almost every other fish with water eggs and raining down a tempestuous onslaught of noisy rainbow balloons bearing sky eggs and seasonal recipes. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe ACNH Bells For Sale.

A big part of the gameplay in Animal Crossing New Horizons is fishing and bug-catching. Right now, these tasks are more annoying than ever. You can spend hours running around your island fishing, and come away with 2 fish and 97 water eggs.The same goes for shooting down balloons, cutting down trees and digging up fossils. All of these activities now have a decent chance of spitting out eggs rather than what they’re supposed to provide you with.

Bear in mind, this event will be in Animal Crossing New Horizons for another 12 solid days. All the way until April 12th you’ll have to deal with eggs interrupting your fishing sessions. If that wasn’t bad enough you’ve also got to worry about that freaky rabbit guy popping up and scaring any younger players.

Nintendo probably didn’t intend for all Animal Crossing players to unite against an egg-burying bunny, but that’s essentially what has happened. Through our collective hatred of Zipper and Bunny Day, gamers everywhere have gained common ground and a better understanding of one another. Even though this period in time sucks for various reasons, at least we can all band together and say in solidarity: “screw that dead-eyed rabbit!”

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