Without question, Albion Online is game involved in multiple players, every player has unique position and play his own role in the game, well organizing and magnificent screen making it one of the most successful game in video game market. Not all games in Albion Online are completed by team, there are a few games which can be done independently. For example, some players like to explore Sandbox Interactive game by himself, but they suffer danger during the game. The Black Zones is one of the most dangerous area, many characters have been killed in this special area. Usually, we don’t recommend players to try it without partners. But if you insist on, we have some guides for you to follow, so that your character can live longer or minimizing your loss caused by the death.

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Before all things, you will have to avoid cities like the plague. Cities are territories conducive to construction, possessed by guilds. As a result, they are often used as headquarters by players who will regularly be moving about inside or about them. Thus, definitely avoid being anywhere close to them or risk being an easy target.

Guild territories are also to be avoided in general. You can possibly collect resources in the surroundings, but here again I advise against it. These territories are symbolized by large red squares on the map and are filled with enemy soldiers.

And this one is quite obvious, but definitely stay away from multiplayer dungeons in black areas. Indeed, many groups spend hours in these dungeons to gain fame and death waits for you at every corner. Even if there were no players, it is not guaranteed that you could handle the enemies that spawn there.

Likewise, the Hellgates are to be proscribed in general, firstly because you will not be able to clear them, then because the players who go in such portals are often well equipped and in groups. Therefore, they have no difficulty in getting rid of you. Approaching a hellgate portal, even if you have no intention of entering, is not recommended either, since you might come across a group of players who plan to raid it.

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If you want to earn fame in the black zone, you can try to run the solo dungeons. These dungeons are somewhat easy and give a decent amount of fame, although clearing them alone and with budget gear takes some time. These are also relatively uncrowded places as guild players will prefer to visit the multiplayer dungeons that will earn them astronomical fame in a short time. You must nevertheless be careful. It won’t be unusual for other solo players to attack you while you are already in combat with the dungeon enemies.

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