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Call of Duty Mobile Developers Will Permanently Ban Cheaters from Game

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In most instances, cheaters make online gaming an unpleasant experience for others, by giving the cheater major advantages over those who are playing fairly. Activision and Tencent are well aware of this, and have promised to take swift and lasting action against those who insist upon cheating in Call of Duty Mobile.

Speaking in a Call of Duty Mobile Reddit thread, a representative noted that, “If we see cheating we will enforce on it with our Security & Enforcement Policy in mind.” The policy is fairly strict, indicating that while most offenders will receive a one-time warning with a temporary suspension from the game, wracking up two offenses or committing a single offense which causes “detriment to other players or has organized large groups of players to commit additional offenses” will be permanently banned from the game. Their data will also be stripped from the leaderboards, ensuring that the Call of Duty Mobile leaderboard isn’t hijacked by outlandish scores.

The “Call of Duty Mobile” security and enforcement policy features a tiered offense system, where the severity of the offense is rated based on how it affects an individual gamer or the community as a whole. Punishment would depend on the severity of the offense. For instance, players caught using “third-party software to mod or hack their game” for the first time will already result to their temporary suspension. Players will be permanently suspended and removed from the leaderboards if they are caught again. If you want to Buy Top Up Call of Duty CP Coins, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

The “Call of Duty Mobile” team also offered a few tips on how to report suspected cheaters. Players reporting via social media must grab a suspected cheater’s UID and not the username as it can be changed.

Of course, developers will always have their work cut out for them to keep banned cheaters from finding ways to come back, but Call of Duty Mobile fans will gladly be pleased to know that the situation is being taken so seriously.

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