FIFA 14 had a huge problem with throw-ins. They took forever to get through and a lot of the time, throws went over the intended target’s head. In FIFA 15, we see a huge improvement in this regard. Throws are quicker to get through, the AI is more aware of where the ball is when they go to pick it up. There is also a new added element of using the right stick to control any intended targets. This changes the whole dynamic of throw-ins. You can now control several players to manipulate any possible space, especially in the opponents half which therefore can create goal scoring opportunities. Another thing which continues to stand out is the quality of the player models. As with other visuals in the game, they are better than last year and all the top players are fairly easily recognizable. FIFA 16 coins online It’s good they display more emotion too, but many of the faces still have a vacant zombie-like expression in cutaways. Physically, players can be a bit floaty and fluffy. When they fall to the ground it can be like they landing on a bed of feathers rather than a more solid pitch. Small tweak here. Players actually watch the ball, tracking it as it flies through the air, rather than just staring forward. It’s a small tweak, but watch a player follow the ball and then connect for a thunderous volley looks great.

As a result, FIFA 16 now boasts a number of changes across the game, with more player animations, a revised locomotion engine to reflect the differences in women’s sprinting, and an improved player body-type system with players that more accurately reflect their real-life counterparts. Another improvement? Better animated hair. “We realised a lot of women players have ponytails,” Channon says, “so we had to develop a system to reflect that.” So now Zlatan’s man bun moves better than ever before. Manchester City were next to champion the cause of their prolific striker Sergio Aguero via their official Instagram page, telling their followers: ‘It’s FUT 16 account for PS3 online all about VOTEAGUERO!’ There are, in other words, lots of real changes (including better player head-tracking, because by the way that thing about looking up was true) and perhaps the greatest and most controversial is the inclusion of women’s football for the first time. The most predictable, least appealing element of this announcement was the hostile reaction it got from some quarters (Channon’s line is unequivocal: “We want to be the most authentic football game in the world, and if we want that women need to be part of our game”) but there are happier, more surprising sides to the story too. FIFA 16 will be released in North America on Sept. 22 on consoles Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3. It will also be available for PC.


Most impressive though is when players intercept by actually stepping in to the line of a pass. This is best exhibited by defenders, who will anticipate square and diagonal passes played across the back four far better than ever, actively cutting them out and then stepping in to midfield. It looks and feels great when it happens and it drastically reduces the amount of cheap and aimless passes your opponents can get away with when a pass wasn’t really “on”. 2014 was a FIFA World Cup year, though Electronic Arts’ FIFA account actually came out last year and was themed around the journey to the tournament. FIFA 14 was also notable in that it was the first time the series came to the current generation of consoles. Now that the World Cup in Brazil has wrapped up, FIFA 15 has the opportunity to accurately recreate the experience.

The Ignite Engine that powers the game was further tweaked this year with what’s been dubbed as an Emotion Engine, which increases the realism of the presentation. Every player on the field now reacts to everyone and everything around him. A player and his teammate’s frustration grows with every missed shot. Rough tackles result in arguments of varying degrees such as a light push-off with a shoulder to a brief shoving match between both parties. A third party sometimes intervenes to further antagonize the tackler or separate his teammate from the guilty party. So FIFA 15 players that Suarez wish to include in their lineups will encounter the following message: Note that at the moment Luis Suarez is suspended and you will not be selected until October 26, 2014.