Some players have reported issues with the Incubator Walk Distance Tracker in Pokemon GO.
“a few days ago, the game’s reported distance walked was up to about 90% of actual, now it’s back down below 55%.
Whenever I walk out for a Pokemon walk, I run a run/walk distance tracking app in the background to compare my actual distance traveled with the distance reported by my egg incubators, Pokemon GO used to report less than 50% of the actual distance I traveled, I would have to walk more than 10km to hatch a 5km egg.
Last week, the app’s accuracy improved, reported almost 90% of the distance I traveled while walking with the app open. I remember reading posts about how they improve their distance-tracking system, and thought they have basically fixed the issue.
However, yesterday and today, the accuracy has dropped back down, falling below 55%-about as bad as it was before the system seems to improved. For example, after putting a 5k egg in the incubator, I walked 8.24km today, yet my egg didn’t even hatch, I reached just 4.5km by the time my walk was over.
Additionally, I noticed that when the distance tracker was more accurate, the incubator distance updated a few times a minute, but now it’s back to updating every 5 minutes or so.”

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