Analysis of the Blood Volume

The mushroom king’s blood volume is in the stage of 100%-30%, which belongs to the stage of stable release skills. If you are familiar with the skills, the output will have little effect. When the mushroom king’s blood volume is less than 30%, enter the violent stage, jump off the mount, the skill release frequency increases, and a large number of releases reduce the hit class DEBUFF. Recommendation: If you want to hit the highest personal injury, try to avoid the violent state of the low blood stage.

Route Analysis

The path of the mushroom king is simply divided into five stages: The stage of better output: 3 stages, 5 stages. Reason: At this stage, the mushroom king’s skill release frequency is relatively stable, and the skill in the fixed stage position will not reduce the output of everyone. The more general stage of the output environment: 2 stages.

At this stage, the mushroom king’s skill release frequency is also relatively stable, but in the course of the 2 route, the mobs will affect the personal output, and in the 2 stage tail jump 3 stage, climbing the cliff will cause certain damage. Lost. The stage of output is not recommended: 1 stage, 4 stages.

Auxiliary Pastor Skills

When the mushroom king changes from the 5th stage to the 1st stage, the cliff will lose some damage, and at the time of landing, the mushroom king will frequently release the jump and repel the DEBUFF which causes the hit to decrease. ¬†Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning MapleStory 2 Currency¬†kindly go to our site. At the end of the 1st stage, the mushroom king will move across part of the terrain, and the damage will be lost. In the four-stage route, the mushroom king is relatively stable, but the skills released by the mushroom king on the stage are difficult to avoid, which may cause the character’s hit to decrease, dizziness and even death.

Auxiliary Pastor Skills

Divine symbol level 10, saint level 10, god blessing level 10, Holy Spirit interest level 10 provides a continuous return to blue effect, improve physical magic attack, increase total damage while a priest provides the Holy Spirit and God’s blessing effect. The Circus Shield is level 10, the screaming screams level 10 provides a continuous reduction and defense effect, and provides continuous physical magic attack power increase while a group of knights provide a continuous circumstance shield break defense effect.

In addition, this patch had:

Increased number of character slots to 9
Job balancing
Clues to the new area, Karkar Island
Elite Monsters have been nerfed so they can be soloed
Boss Monsters will disappear if not fought for 5 minutes
Quest experience rewards increased by 1.5x
Keys no longer required to enter dungeons

Rune Blader uses the two-handed Blade and combines it with magic enchantments that give their attacks elemental power. Although the developers said they didn’t want to add new jobs anytime soon, only 6 months after MapleStory 2’s launch, the first new job, Rune Blader, was released.