Although brief, one of the most prominent announcements from Bethesda’s E3 presentation was that of Starfield. The long-rumored title was officially confirmed by Bethesda with a teaser trailer near the end of the presentation. Starfield is set to be the first new franchise from Bethesda in twenty-five years. Fallout 76 has now been confirmed as the first of those. While it had long been anticipated as such, it seems that Bethesda has confirmed Starfield as the second. That being said, the trailer gave no indication of when the new franchise might release. Much like the Elder Scrolls trailer, it showed no actual gameplay.

Don’t pre-order Bethesda games, people. Don’t give them your money at all until they prove they can be trusted. And this goes much further than Fallout 76. Stop by our web site: Fallout 76 Atoms. We’ve seen Bethesda’s Todd Howard joke about the company’s infamous bugs which plague so many of their games like Skyrim and Fallout 4. But this is no laughing matter. Buggy games shouldn’t be a punch line offered up by a publisher’s executive. Bugs may be unavoidable, but games riddled with bugs are inexcusable.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have a Bethesda account to go through this process. The publisher is also asking that you attach a proof of purchase to your complaint ticket. That can include a scanned receipt or a picture you take with your phone. You’ll also need to write your name, Bethesda username, and email address on that proof of purchase. To begin, pick any spot in the 180 degrees available to you with the left stick, and slowly test the lock by pressing left on the right thumbstick. Steadily press left until the lock stops or you feel a buzz.

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Although the reasoning behind Bethesda’s misleading advertisement is still unknown, Bethesda has likely not explained itself due to there being no justifiable response to the fiasco. While this is only speculation, it would certainly explain Bethesda’s silence and lack of honesty. However, having only just addressed the state of Fallout 76, Bethesda does seem to live by its own schedule when feeling pressured by fans. Either way, its fans are due an official apology, and that will likely come soon.

Given how long it has historically taken Bethesda Game Studios to develop new games, it seems unlikely that any information about Starfield will emerge before E3 2019. Even then, the game may not release until 2020 or even later. After all, Bethesda Game Studios hasn’t released a major RPG title since Fallout 4 in 2015. At present, almost nothing is known about what Starfield will be, other than it clearly has a sci-fi setting. Some rumors have compared it to the Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises, but in a new setting, but of course, nothing has been confirmed.

Players may find that Bobby Pins are scarce in the early goings of Fallout 76. There is no sure location for finding them, and they are not craftable. They seem to spawn at random like other useful items and junk objects, and are occasionally dropped by enemies most often Feral Ghouls.