The year 2020 will not be a one that many will fondly remember. As a raging pandemic has pushed people indoors, it’s led to many picking up their gamepads again. And for Madden fans, the new changes brought about to the franchise have left several wanting for more. From changes to the career mode to those in overall gameplay, Madden NFL 21 has tried to give the fans a better experience of their favorite game.So we are also working hard to provide you with cheap MUT 21 Coins. Enjoy!
madden 21
Every new console cycle is a chance to push forward gaming franchises for the better. With new hardware, there’s the opportunity to rethink a strategy and build from the ground up if need be. With Madden NFL 21, the team at EA Tiburon is basing its gameplay off of new data to change the feel of the title. The inclusion of Next Gen stats from the NFL will allow for a more realistic experience as the players will better closely replicate their individual positions on the field. This, along with 4K resolutions and a 60 FPS experience plus a new lighting engine should propel the series going forward. The result are subtle, yet noticeable changes that still leaves Madden looking and feeling like Madden in the grand scheme of things.

Fittingly, Madden 21 features some significant gameplay tweaks to improve the experience and attempts some bold things, including an NFL Street-styled arcade mode.

Sadly (but predictably), nothing notable has changed. The fact that EA decided to originally label franchise mode in Madden 21 as “classic franchise” suggested they were essentially done with upgrades and would rest on their laurels (i.e. MUT income). Then, social media backlash through the #FixMaddenFranchise campaign caused them to put out a statement that changes were coming.

New skillset system
Madden 21 introduces a new ‘Skill Stick ball-carrier system’ which allows for more customized options when it comes to offensive play. New moves such as the dead leg and slide-huddles are also a part of the latest installment of the games. All of these upgrades offer the player a whole new dimension to add to their offense. The mastery of the right skill stick is a crucial skill needed to master the art of NFL Madden 21.

Last year made some strides in the realism department as ratings were parsed down and superstars’ X-factors made the best of the best really stand out. Better line play improved the general feel for the better, too.

Here are some other quick thoughts on Madden 21 as a whole:
-For the new career mode, it’s just more of the same mindless gameplay with a sub-par story wrapped around it as a disguise. Give us an in-depth mode for any position we want to play… and tone down the drama.
-The Yard is too open and unrealistic. If this is EA’s shot at preemptively challenging whatever 2K has up their sleeve for an arcade football experience, good luck.
-Weather is still bland and not dynamic. Snow feels fake and doesn’t accumulate.
-Where are the holiday games? The experience should feel different around Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
-Credit where it’s due: stadium sounds seem to be improved. Maybe that’s just due to the lack of “normal” sports with fans over the past several months on TV impacting my mind, but I don’t think it is.
-The soundtrack is another story.
-We can get mouthpieces in The Yard but not in normal games? For a product that is allegedly a simulation football experience?
-Watered-down core ratings at the start of Ultimate Team is the main reason I won’t miss it. Why should I go after a 93 overall Barry Sanders when there will probably be a 97 for Thanksgiving and then a 99 later in the game’s cycle? Having the core cards reflect current ratings and then releasing rookie, flashback, holiday, legend, etc. cards throughout the year would be way better.
-Still a buggy experience in terms of gameplay.
-Washington has a 3-4 defensive playbook when they are running a 4-3 under Ron Rivera. If that doesn’t speak to the lack of overall knowledge from the current development team, I don’t know what does.
-Player ratings are worse than ever.

Many more new minor alterations have brought to the franchise we football fans love to play, but these in our opinion, stand out from the rest. What’s your experience of playing NFL Madden been in 2020?