Amazon has a shaky track record for its home-grown games initiative, but maybe there’s hope yet for New World.  Underline maybe. Not that surprisingly, the MMO’s spring 2021 launch won’t pan out – it’s been delayed to August 31 to bolster endgame activities – and we’ll see what’s what in the next beta.

Its development team put out the below video, explaining the delay and some of the features they’re going to be working on between now and release:

The updates Bezos’s bestos are working on focus on mid- and end-game content – which is basically the entire game, really – and are based on feedback from various closed beta tests. In the video, game director Scot Lane talks about new 5-player instance dungeons, a 20 vs. 20 endgame mode called Outpost Rush, plus new zones, fishing, and a revamp to the crafting system. You can also read about these changes on the New World blog.

On top of that, there’s also the debut Expeditions, or instanced dungeons in New World. These are 5-player instances that go into the “darkest corners of Aeternum” and will likely include some of the game’s best secrets and treasures for small groups to uncover together.

Finally, the last new bit of content announced in today’s blog post, is the new Outpost Rush mode that is a smaller, paired down 20v20 experience compared to the large-scale 50v50 War battles over territory. The Outpost Rush battles take place in a primordial river basin where you must vie for control over strongholds and strategic resources.

New World boasts 50-on-50, siege-style combat set in a fictionalized continent resembling the one conquered by European explorers in the 1500s and 1600s. With such a premise raising eyebrows, Amazon Game Studios has repeatedly pointed out that it is not intending to make a historical presentation; supernatural, nonhuman forces form the PvE adversaries, and player factions will be according to rival guilds (or “companies”) rather than nationalities.

What’s new since the last check-in? The developers say they’ve “polished the combat system, added quest variety, expanded weapon and armor variety, added fishing, expanded the map to include a new region Reekwater, overhauled our crafting system, and continued to add mid-game and end-game content.” The alpha build will keep pushing ahead with EU servers going online on March 30.

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