According to Ubisoft’s tweet, the open beta runs from March 1-4 and is freely available to all interested players. Although Ubisoft hasn’t specifically confirmed it, the open beta should be available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It’s also assumed the open beta will also include the same contents as the private beta. For reference, those contents are as follows: As we near the end of February, the folks over at Ubisoft have decided that the world is ready for a wad of pre-launch betas for a couple of its biggest franchises. Beginning today, a PC-only technical test for The Division 2 launches, as well as the Open Beta for Trials Rising, the latest motorcycle stunt race spectacular from the folks at RedLynx.

Looter shooters are all the rage right now with ANTHEM dropping imminently and The Division 2 due out next month, and so ‘endgame’ is a word that we’re hearing more and more often. What’s there to do after you’ve finished the main story? What’s going to keep me playing for hundreds of hours? How good is the grind? The open beta will hopefully benefit from private beta feedback as well. After all, the entire point of such betas is for Ubisoft to gather feedback and make changes as necessary. The open beta’s short duration is likely so that Ubisoft has time to implement additional feedback before launch. The Division 2’s release date is still set for March 15 so Ubisoft won’t have much time to work with.

The Division 2 Credits

The Division 2 has had a few closed alpha and beta sessions prior to this week, gathering data, testing server loads, and implementing fixes ahead of the game’s launch later this spring. If you have any sort of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can make use of The Division 2 Credits, you could call us at our own webpage.┬áThe development team at Ubisoft Massive is looking to test out some of the fixes incorporated from feedback obtained from the most recent closed beta from earlier this month. Expect a glimpse of early-game action and a small preview of the loot and builds available from the full game. Well, The Division 2 seems to have a clear plan of what it wants to offer. As previously reported, once the story is over and done, a new faction called the Black Tusk make their way into Washington DC in the hope of crushing the resistance. They’re tougher enemies who then appear throughout the game, and on top of that, you’re looking at various endgame activities, like hard mode missions and, eventually, raids.

Fans who are interested in The Division 2 might be interested in the open beta merely for its endgame content. Along with getting to sample the sequel’s three max-level specializations, the beta’s endgame has a few more surprises as well. The biggest of those surprises is undoubtedly the Black Tusk enemy faction. The Black Tusk doesn’t show up until players beat the main story, and unsurprisingly they provide a suitable endgame challenge.

Trials Rising continues one of the most fun franchises that Ubisoft has to offer. Originally a simple side-scrolling time trial game, the team at RedLynx has expanded the complexity of the scope of the game over its various incarnations throughout the last decade. All of their work culminates in Trials Rising and this week offers the world a chance to go hands on.