How to defend in Madden NFL 18 has been plagued by the majority of players, and whether it is the game or the reality, defense is always the most important part. I believe a lot of players who have just come into contact with the game will often be unable to prevent their opponent, Be cast a variety of fireballs in the face, or be swayed to the ground to only watch others shooting. like the real football, NFL 18 defensive ideas and skills is definitely a science which you need to complete a lot of thinking in the game. many gamers must choose formation and plays carefully if they want to win the game. today, the best offensive and defensive script is given to improve your game, You can choose a style that works for you and create a perfect effect.

Madden 18

Best Offensive Playbook
If you want to improve your Offensive game in MUT then here are the must try playbooks that will suit your players. The playstyle has an important role, so it will take the time to pull a big offensive strategy. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Best Offensive Playbook you need to have.

New England Patriots
Styles: Short Pass, Long Pass
Key Run Set: Singleback Tight Slots
Key Pass Set: Gun Split Close Pats

Philadelphia Eagles
Styles: Speed Run, Short Pass
Key Run Set: Gun Ace, Twins Offset
Key Pass Set: Gun Flip Trip Eaglet

Miami Dolphins
Styles: Speed Run, Short Pass
Key Run Set: Singleback Wing Trips Open
Key Pass Set: Gun Bunch Open Offset

New York Giants
Styles: Long Pass, Speed Run
Key Run Set: Singleback Ace
Key Pass Set: Gun Trio Offset

Seattle Seahawks
Styles: Ground and Pound, Short Pass
Key Run Set: Gun Doubles Wing Offset
Key Pass Set: Gun Wing Offset WK

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