FIFA 16 is available now and across the world there are players who are debating who to use for their very first Career Mode save, luckily Squawka have picked out 9 FIFA 16 Career Mode teams you have to consider. FIFA 16 rates Brazil as one of the best places to scout youth players. If we take this information and apply it to the first part, we can see that region 0 (Argentina and Brazil) has a chance of 15 of getting a platinum player. This is the highest chance in the table, meaning that Argentina and Brazil have the best chance of finding the best players – so scout there if you want to find the next Messi.

In contrast, regions 9 and 10 (rest of Asia and Australia) have the lowest chances of finding platinum players. However, they don’t have a 0% chance, so even these regions can find incredible players – you’re just much less likely to find a top player there than in Argentina or Brazil. David Ricardo addresses specialization on a global, macroeconomics level to explain why countries specialize and enter into trade. Ricardo’s justification is based on the concept of opportunity cost. fifa 16 points Opportunity cost is the cost of the next best alternative, or what you are giving up to do what you are currently doing.

You start with a list of five scouts to choose from, and can hire a maximum of three. You then send these scouts around the globe looking for promising youth players, and can sign the best ones to your academy. Unlike in FIFA 16, you can send scouts on missions on the same day that you hired them in FIFA 16. Each month your scout will return with a list of players he’s found, aged between 15 and 17. Consider the situation where you and I are stranded in the wilderness. I can either pick 100 berries or catch 5 fish. You can either pick 50 berries or catch 10 fish. For me to catch 5 fish, it will cost me 100 berries. Therefore, the opportunity cost of each fish is 20 berries. For me to pick 100 berries, I have to forgo 5 fish. The opportunity cost of each berry is 1/20 fish.


In FIFA 16, Brazil and Argentina were the best places to send your scouts. Meanwhile, New Zealand (being in ‘subregion Australia’) was one of the worst. And it seemed that would still be the case this year, as a six month trip to Brazil costs a 5*/5* scout £204,000, while exactly the same trip to New Zealand costs only £34,000. If cost is anything to go by, Brazil looked like it’d be more worthwhile. I sent a 5*/5* scout to each region and waiting for the results. However, a funny thing happened once the scouting trips ended. I actually ended up with an exactly equal number of high quality players from Brazil and New Zealand.

I wasn’t just taking any old players, I was taking the best players I could find – players where the top end of the potential range (e.g. the 91 in 67-91) was either in the high 80s or low 90s when they first appeared on my reports. buy fifa points I didn’t do any reloading either, just a straightforward test to see which area produced the best talent. It may seem arbitrary but for many the first FIFA 16 Career Mode save will be the most important, it’ll typically be the one that you sink the most time into and the one that really captures your imagination. Add on the fact that returning FIFA players will get a transfer budget boost in FIFA 16 Career Mode and the first choice you make could be one of the most important you make.