Vanilla WOW Gold World of Warcraft Classic has been exposed to DDoS attacks for a long time; some players sometimes have difficulty connecting to some servers.

Two weeks ago the connection problems a major DDoS attack after the announced announced. According to the statement a group called UKDrillas claimed responsibility for the attacks. In their notification via Twitter accounts they said that they would in turn expose their WoW Classic servers to DDoS fire (the group’s Twitter account was later frozen).

During the salsiri players’ conversations on Twitter showed that the impact of the attack was widespread. The group not only attacked Classic servers; normal WoW servers also began to attack.
In a tweet Blizzard’s customer service Twitter account later reported that all servers cheap World of Warcraft Classic Gold except Rattlegore are back that this server is under review and that some players may experience connection problems by morning. About an hour after this announcement the company said that with another tweet the Rattlegore problem was solved.

For some of the players the game worked stably while another group reported that they had trouble logging in or that they could not enter the actual game even if they could. These problems which took place two weeks ago seem to have been completely eliminated for now.

Although not so large WoW Classic servers are constantly experiencing similar attacks. Blizzard on the other hand says he is constantly working to defeat these attacks.

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