Vanilla WOW Gold The developers of Blizzard had to screw up the launch and then the number of servers for WoW Classic noticeably. But not only in the EU and US regions. For the Chinese area there are now also a whopping 65 servers.

One thing is for sure: the Blizzard developers underestimated the enthusiasm of the Warcraft fans for WoW (now for € 12.99) Classic grossly. Do you remember how they offered just 12 EU servers for the name reservation phase before launch? In combination with the servers for America and Oceania  it was just over 30 classic realms.

And today? Today we find more than 40 realms for the EU and US regions on WoW’s official realm status page. If we add the servers for Korea and Taiwan we end up with 90 Classic servers. Already that is enormously impressive. However that does not mean that all WoW Classic servers that have been put into operation worldwide are far from being available. The reddit user toinewx has looked around the Chinese realm status page of WoW and discovered insane 65 other servers. We would already be at 155 servers for WoW Classic.
Incidentally the Chinese servers are also all on medium high or even World of Warcraft Classic Gold Exciting: Only four of the 65 servers are PvE realms. It’s even more exciting when we just go over how many players currently have to actively play WoW Classic if Blizzard had to provide so many Classic servers. We know that even a “middle class” server should have a much larger population than the then well-attended vanilla server. Due to the data available in the meantime (data 1 data 2) it is still not possible to draw any precise conclusions about how many players are actually actively playing on them. However it seems at least halfway certain that the tag will change from high to full when about 15,000 players are online. Since never all players have time at the same time the number of active players on the many highly loaded servers should be significantly higher and with full servers much higher.

Under the Reddit post a commentator throws into the discussion that on average between 30,000 and 40,000 players per server is a realistic estimate. But even if we expect a cautious 25,000 players per Classic server we already have almost four million active players on 155 Classic servers. How does it look? Do you think that’s a realistic assessment? In your opinion are you more or less classic players? And how will the number develop in the next four weeks? Tell us in the comments!

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