Compared with FIFA 16,  FIFA17 becomes more exciting and wonderful because of the upgrades of many modes. One of them is gameplay. It’s more complicated than FIFA 16. Lots of gamers have doubts and questions about it and don’t know how to play it. Undoubtedly, to some extent, gameplay  decides whether you can be a top-gamer or not . FIFA 17 has created a great community since it released by EA sports. It’s necessary for you to use various gameplays skillfully if you want stand out among countless competitors. Here are tips concluded by professional gamers based on their practical experience.


In FIFA, the pace is not that important, but you should be quick at Lb/Rb. The rest does not even matter.

Suppose the corner gets parried out to the edge of the box and if it falls to you, hen you need to smash it by holding L2(75%) of the time.

After you get in the box shoot early, as per last FIFA you could easily go to the side of the keeper and score, but with this FIFA 17 it is not that easy.

Select Settings and change the player indicator to name and indicator to help you know who is on the ball. This way you can judge and know if you can have a long shot or a good passer that can spray the ball to someone with ease.

Try to avoid holding the sprint until you really need to. These are with many people who moan about the passing. If you sprint while you are passing then, it might go wrong so try and keep calm and focus.

Try setting your camera to Co-op(Custom Zoom to max) if you still think that passing is unsatisfactory on FIFA 17.

To actually see which players you’re using currently, Use the pro camera mode to know the player details.

It turns out that if you always pass the ball in the same direction, you will have a higher probability to target what you want. There is almost no miss when you focus all your attention on one thing. In addition, a appropriate setting can perform interception very well .With AL in FIFA, it’s not impossible to pass ball successfully. Here are our tips for you, hope they can help you, enjoy the game.