Neymar wasn’t impressed by people until Barcelona becomes the next place for the champions league. Although his FUT rating was 92 in the former competition, many people think his performance doesn’t deserve this rating and have an bad impression on him. In competition of Barcelona vs PSG, Neymar has totally changed the opinion that people on him with his remarkable ability, he got 95 which moves three rankings ahead comparing with last ranking. Neymar gives a big surprises to audience and his performance has been one of the hottest topics those days.


The Brazilian’s normal rating got a major upgrade after being handed an MOTM IF card from FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). Futhead calculated an overall stats rating of 479, though the Brazilian star is still two points short of his 97 rated Team of The Year (TOTY) card from FIFA 16.

Neymar has been heralded by many as the next big superstar at the Catalan club if or when Lionel Messi calls it a day at Nou Camp. And his performance didn’t do any harm to the reputation. He was also well rewarded in the virtual space with a massive boost in the FUT ratings. In case you didn’t know…In FIFA 17, Man of the Match Player cards are issued for tournaments and excellent performances and are indicated by an Orange item art. FUT Orange Man of the Match (MOTM) in-forms (IF cards) are awarded to players that perform extremely well in recent real-life football matches. They are usually only awarded for the bigger games.

Neymar becomes a famous guy overnight for his twice scores in the competition. His twice scores help him to make a breakthrough in performance and have the chance to compete in the next round. the Parisians is absolute dumbfounded by him and the 95 shocked the outgoing Barcelona coach Luis Enrique. Neymar has successfully proved himself to be the top player with his great skills, the entire football world applauded for him.

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