Madden 18 introduces a new feature to the game called Target Passing for those players that want a little more control over where they throw the ball.  The new feature adds an additional layer of challenge to the Madden 18 gameplay but it’s also an optional gameplay mechanic.

Players that use Target Passing in Madden 18 correctly will be able to squeeze passes into smaller areas by using the correct timing during wide reciever routes.  Target Passing is a hard mechanic to master but it might give you a leg up on the competition when it comes to online play.


So here’s how you use Target Passing in Madden 18.  First of all you have to be on offense to use Target Passing, and prior to the play you’ll need to decide on a primary reciever in the coaching camera.  You can access the coach camera prior to an offensive play by pressing R2 on PlayStation and RT on Xbox One.  In this mode all of your recievers will be listed with corresponding buttons.  At this point you can see both the routes your recievers will run and a corresponding button.  Selecting one of them will allow you to make them your primary reciever.

All of this must be done before you snap the ball.  Once you do snap the ball you’ll need to use the LT or L2 button to use Target Passing in the game.  You’ll notice a green Target Passing icon that can be controlled on the field which allows you to aim your passes into areas where defenders aren’t.  An orange icon will show you where you’re supposed to deliver the ball and ideally you’ll want to line the green and orange icons up.  That said, if there’s a defender near the orange icon you’ll want to deliver the ball at a different spot.

Setting up a primary reciever is helpful but entirely necessary.  So long as you are pressing the LT or L2 button you can switch Target Passing to any reciever on the field and the mechanics stay the same.  You’ll get a moveable icon that allows you lead your reciever, though it can get a little hectic.

Target Passing is much harder than the normal passing of Madden 18 and requires a good bit of practice as the game moves at a pretty fast pace.  Using target passing can lead to things like Quarterback sacks and interceptions when learning the ropes.

With the Madden 18 Most Feared event now having launched, we can confirm that Most Feared solo challenges are back once again for the game. Please stay tuned for that sell cheap madden 18 coins as there might be solo challenges released soon.