Having a little trouble on the defensive end? Here are some NBA 2K18 Defensive tips to help shut down the opposing team. Make sure you checkout our other NBA 2K18 Tips here.

NBA 2K18

Know your Opponent
Know the player you are defending. If the player isn’t recognized for being a fantastic jump shooter, back off. no want to play also tight and give them the shot. You would rather give up the shot, then to have them drive for an easy layup or dunk. You can still challenge the shot even if you don’t back off some. It is just the opposite for great jump shooters who you should play tight but also respect their capability to drive.

Know the team you are playing and defend accordingly. You wouldn’t defend a three point shooting group the extremely identical as a team that is powerful in the paint. Even throughout the game, know who is on the floor and adjust your defense to the players on the court.

Use All Available Defensive Features
Intense defense (LT) + right trigger (turbo) = rapid shuffle movement. Use it to hold up with the ball handler. This operates hand in hand with quantity 2 + three. preserve in mind that by using turbo your players will tire much more swiftly. Move your player whilst making use of the fast shuffle movement and try to beat your opponent to the spot forcing them to use other options. Employing the left trigger + correct trigger can also make it significantly less tough to box out for defensive rebounds. The left trigger (box out) is already pressed, you just have to icon switch to the player with the best position or box out the other team’s best rebounder, putting your teammates in better position for the rebound. You must hold your opponent boxed out throughout the complete rebounding approach as they will attempt to get around you.

Use proper stick (hands up) defense + intense defense to challenge shots instead of going for blocks. Leaving your feet to block leaves you vulnerable to pump fakes and can also produce a lot a lot more driving space for your opponent.

Be sure to use the shading function in the game. By shading right or left you control which path the ball handler will go. Understanding the path that they need to take tends to make it less complicated on defense. Shade them to exactly where you help defense or subsequent closest defender is. You can also use the sideline as an added defender as double teams can be very effective when used near the sideline.

On the Fly
Use the OTF (on the fly) defense choices (defend the paint, play tight on shooters, etc.) Throw in some zone every now and then. I mainly use the 2-3 to defend the paint or 3-2 to defending against the 3 point shot. Switch up your defenses during the game; if your opponent knows precisely how you are playing them it is that much easier to score.

Double Team
Recognize when to bring the double team and make note of who the open player is. Your opponent must make the intelligent pass to the open man so be prepared to icon switch to your defender that is closest to that player. Playing excellent team defense can be rewarding and it creates turnovers for you that can lead to fast break probabilities and momentum.

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