Outriders has already been released on consoles and PC. The third-person shooter-looter has enjoyed a great start, although not without problems with the servers. The title has piqued the curiosity of many gamers and its sheer amount of content has a lot to offer.

The Dragon Age easter egg can be found in the communal area of Outriders’ Deadrock Pass zone, where you’ll meet a fidgety fellow named Alastair Cullen (above) during the “Free Market” side quest. This person says they’re being forced to ingest a toxic substance, which is used by the elites to keep the people compliant and oblivious to their starving. The character’s name is an obvious reference to two Dragon Age characters, Alistair and Cullen, but there’s a much deeper meaning hiding just below the surface.

Players first met Cullen Rutherford in Dragon Age Origins, where we rescued him from a mage tower overrun by demons and blood mages. That fear instilled within him wickedness that turned his heart cold as ice towards mages, something we later see in Dragon Age 2. Dragon Age Inquisition is where we met up with him once more, this time as an advisor. With the order left behind following the events in the second game in Kirkwall, Inquisition gave Cullen a chance at redemption. To see the two names of the Templars together as one character in Outriders made my Thedas-loving heart swell, but the connection doesn’t end there.

As Game Informer explains, the scene parallels the Dragon Age religious organization called the Chantry, which uses a substance, Lyrium, as an unofficial means to control the Order of the Templars. Alistair and Cullen are both Knights Templar, and therefore addicted to this drug. There you go, Outriders’ Alastair Cullen is the spiritual culmination – but not a very pretty sight – of the Alistair and Cullen of Dragon Age.

In Outriders, the optional dialogue for Alistair Cullen implies that the bosses force workers to take this drug to forget they’re starving to death. Just like in Dragon Age, it’s a method to impose control on workers. Now that’s a subtle little Easter egg, and even fans of Dragon Age are going to miss it.

The title released under the Square Enix seal has had a great premiere, but beware, because Outriders presents a bug that causes the loss of accumulated weapons and armor, some users report. In case you still have doubts, we tell you 5 aspects in which Outriders manages to overcome Destiny or The Division 2.

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