It seems that after a long wait and a one-time mowing of development, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, which seems to be a very promising title based on what we have seen so far. At the end of last year, for example, a short little entertainer ran into him, which showed that the atmosphere will be very percussive, and now the developers have reassured everyone that the story will also reach the atmosphere.

These details first came to light on the Russian podcast “Не занесли”, the most recent episode of which included an interview with GSC Game World PR manager Zakhar Bocharov. According to translations from the Indian gaming outlet Gamingsym, Bocharov was careful not to give too much information, but said that developers were seeking support for mods on Xbox due to the franchise’s historically passionate modding community.

In the Russian podcast Not Brougth In, PR Manager Zakhar Bocharov from GSC Game World spoke precisely about the linearity of the story, among other things. According to the developer, “Stalker 2” should have “a huge number of branches and different ends”. Bocharov did not define this information in more detail in the conversation. Already in “Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl” from 2007, players were given different endings, which could be positive or negative.

When it comes to STALKER 2 gameplay, we can expect the evolution of the A-Life life simulation system, which we wrote about earlier – thanks to version 2.0 of this technology, the inhabitants of the world (we are talking about various factions, but also monsters) will take action regardless of whether they are currently being watched by the player’s character.

A-Life 2.0 is a completely different level. We’ll take a closer look at it closer to the premiere. It’s a really great system that works very well and we will definitely have something to show – said the developer.

Despite being a wonderful experience, the original STALKER is notoriously silly. Players used to encourage newcomers to go through an extensive modification process before touching the game to make it more stable. With over a decade of additional development experience under its belt, I hope GSC Game World avoids making the same mistakes with STALKER 2, but it’s reassuring to know that the studio is looking for ways to avoid leaving Xbox gamers out in the cold when it is about support for mods.

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